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Accounting Software

Whether you make a living in the accounting field or just keeping track of your personal finances, accounting software is an incredible tool that can save you time and money. Join these forums to learn more about your favorite accounting software, ask for advice or share your wisdom.

QuickBooks Discussions

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Free CapitalVia Mobile Share Trading App

by ashish puranik
You are just one step away to experience the stock markets on your mobile p hone.#CapitalVia android #Mobile app which is a FREE to use #application an d can be easily install from #Google play sto... read more »

Quicken Personal Finance

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TurboTax G/L carryovers

by Jeff@nospam.invalid
I efiled my taxes. So that is done. Question: Wher4 in TT, or on my return, do I find out how much capital gains or losses left (if any) for using for next year (2014)? Thanks. Jeff read more »

Peachtree Accounting

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Peachtree Account Reconciliation

by Tom
Hi All - I have reconciled my bank statement with an unreconciled balance of zero. So I'm ready to reconcile, I hit the OK button and... nothing happens. H ow do I get the program to actually ... read more »


This category contains discussions about any tax-related issues. Not sure what to put into a particular field of a particular tax form? This is the right place to ask a question about it. As always, don't forget to help others by answering other posted questions that you know answers for. Topics covered pertain mostly to US taxes.

Taxes General Forum

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Treatement of MLP k-1 data by Pennsylvania

by jo
I'm getting k-1s for 3 oil and gas MLPs and the business losses gets converted to passive losses which (somehow) comes into play when you sell. Turbo Tax gives you even less help with state k-1s the... read more »

Business Software

These forums have discussions about software used in day-to-day operations of businesses. The specialized software discussed here includes Pont-Of-Sale, database systems and other types of software used in business operation.

Point-Of-Sale Software

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Customer's Last, or Top, 5 items purchased in Status bar

by Jon C
Is it possible? I've been able to modify an existing Status to show all other relative information about the customer, now I just have the 3rd column to populate with their purchase history. Help??... read more »

General Accounting

We have put groups that cover more generic topics related to accounting into this category. If it's about accounting but does not fit anywhere else - here is the place for it!

General Accounting

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by <sergio
Hi , we could try to evaluate the supervision of Accounting differently when considering the finance and its relationship with Accounting design; But After discussing about the finance and its li... read more »

Financial Planning

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The Seven-Figure Portfolio Fee

by David S. Meyers, CFP(R)
Wall Street Journal recently published, in their WSJ.Money magazine, an article titled The Seven-Figure Portfolio Fee. Here's a link to it: The subtitle is The cost of managing finances is com... read more »

UK Finance Discussions

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Re: A centre-left argument for flat tax - combined with CI i...

by Mark
On Sat, 05 Apr 2014 18:56:56 +0100, andy wainwright Tax avoidance is not related to the tax rate. It's about exceptions and collection. The problem with a flat tax rate is that it would shift the... read more »