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Accounting Software

Tracking received 1099 as CUSTOMER?

author: michellesouzaphd posted 03-05-2016

Hi All, I'm everyone, I am new to QB. I am hoping to track the 1099s I receive as a freelancer, W2 I receive from an employer, and W2G for poker winnings. Should these organization be Customers s... read more »

Mail Login Failed with H&B 2016 Rel 7

author: Stephen Street posted 05-24-2016

Updated Quicken H&B 2016 to Release 7 and now get Mail Login Failed when trying to email invoices. Had been working. Running Windows 10 with Windows Live Mail as default mail client. Anyone else h... read more »

Reports for Time Tickets

author: tricia posted 05-06-2014

I need to print a sales invoice showing from a time ticket the date of each event, the employee ID, invoice description and total rate. I can get the invoice description and rate from sales invo... read more »

Business Software

Question regarding re-attaching databases

author: mrrosenbaum posted 04-11-2016

We tried to backup a database for RMS by going through Management Studio, d etaching the database, copying out the mdf and ldf files and reattaching. P roblem is, whenever we tries to reattach, no ... read more »

General Accounting

Update from Graham Communications Services - News

author: Business Consultant/Advisor posted 04-25-2016

Update from Graham Communications Services - News http://www.grahamcommunicationsservices.com/about_us/news read more »

Reverse mortgages now almost a must?

author: dumbstruck posted 04-10-2016

Marketwatch has an article about new rules making reverse mortgages more attractive: The new math on reverse mortgages http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-new-math-on-reverse-mortgages-2016-04-10 . ... read more »

Investment Automation App (IAA) - Help make it happen!

author: Forex Trading Engines posted 05-18-2016

Hello! Help make it happen for Investment Automation App at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/investment-automation-app--2#/ Thanks! read more »


Is a simpler and fairer tax code achievable?

author: Alan Meyer posted 05-19-2016

I once met a woman who worked for a tax firm in Texas that specialized in servicing billionaires. They had experts on every conceivable tax problem - moving a business off shore, tax laws in man... read more »

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