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Accounting Software

Whether you make a living in the accounting field or just keeping track of your personal finances, accounting software is an incredible tool that can save you time and money. Join these forums to learn more about your favorite accounting software, ask for advice or share your wisdom.

QuickBooks Discussions

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IFF file Generate

by purdytrac
The Computer software system that we are using creates an IIF file to be ab le to import our employee timesheets into Quickbooks. I do what I have rea d about how to import, File, Utilities, Impor... read more »

Quicken Personal Finance

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by Richard
I have numerous reports (saved) from 2013 that I want to use in 2014 but they require some minor modifications. When attempting to modify the reports, I've notice that I am unable to select any a... read more »

Peachtree Accounting

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Reports for Time Tickets

by tricia
I need to print a sales invoice showing from a time ticket the date of each event, the employee ID, invoice description and total rate. I can get the invoice description and rate from sales invo... read more »


This category contains discussions about any tax-related issues. Not sure what to put into a particular field of a particular tax form? This is the right place to ask a question about it. As always, don't forget to help others by answering other posted questions that you know answers for. Topics covered pertain mostly to US taxes.

Taxes General Forum

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Fact checking political ad regarding taxes

by Jake29
I just saw an obviously politically motivated ad about tax changes that went into effect on January 1, 2014. It was allegedly distributed by a known CPA firm in my area. I intentionally left ou... read more »

Business Software

These forums have discussions about software used in day-to-day operations of businesses. The specialized software discussed here includes Pont-Of-Sale, database systems and other types of software used in business operation.

Point-Of-Sale Software

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Windows Store Barcode and Label app

by barcoderesourcepayments
Windows Store Barcode & Label App supports Excel spreadsheet ConnectCode, a world leading provider of barcode software and fonts, today announced the release of version 10.7 of ConnectCode Barcode... read more »

General Accounting

We have put groups that cover more generic topics related to accounting into this category. If it's about accounting but does not fit anywhere else - here is the place for it!

General Accounting

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Company File

by Ajay Sharma
I am an outsourced accountant of a small business and basically just prepar e their financial statements from the data they provide. Company needs a b usiness valuation and has hired a CPA firm fo... read more »

Financial Planning

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The Rise of the Robo-Advisors

by David S. Meyers, CFP(R)
Feedback, as always, very much welcome. --David Financial Planning versus the Robo-Advisors Posted by David on October 31, 2014 ? Leave a Comment It seems that every day there's another headline... read more »

UK Finance Discussions

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48Hrs 90% Discount: Buy EURUSD Automatic Robot for US$25.00 ...

by Forex Robots and Indicators
Dear Forex Trader, Don't miss this unique opportunity! Buy EURUSD Automatic Robot for US$25.00 Only. Regular Price is US$250.00. Offer Expires at 16:30Hrs GMT 26th Oct 2014. Go now to: http://w... read more »