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Accounting Software

Annoyance: The online session was cancelled at your request

author: David Arnstein posted 10-17-2015

I have the latest version of Quicken Premier and I use one-step update almost every day, for multiple accounts. More than half of the time, one or two accounts fails to update, and Quicken tells me... read more »

Company acquisition yielding stock and cash

author: David Arnstein posted 02-10-2016

I had some shares of company A that was acquired by company B. My shares in company A were converted to a small number of shares in company B, plus a pile of dollars. This transaction is tax-free. ... read more »

Reports for Time Tickets

author: tricia posted 05-06-2014

I need to print a sales invoice showing from a time ticket the date of each event, the employee ID, invoice description and total rate. I can get the invoice description and rate from sales invo... read more »

Business Software

Server Busy dialog( Switch to\ Retry)

author: Muhammad posted 04-17-2015

Needing help in pointing what could be the root cause of Server Busy dialog in RMS POS application. This dialog has 2 buttons; Switch to and Retry. none of the buttons works and the application hang... read more »

General Accounting

Attack at FDIC California offices leaves maimed and terminated

author: saintrambone posted 02-06-2016

If you are a new hire accountant do not work for government where trillions are involved On deregulation day 1999 we were stunned likely injected robbed and some may be dead. On the earth humans ... read more »

Question on the new Social Security claiming rules

author: renormalize posted 12-29-2015

I am age 65 (DOB 10/01/1950) and my wife is 63 (DOB 10/23/1952). Prior to the November 2 changes to the Social Security law, our preferred plan had been for my wife to claim her benefit in June 2016... read more »

Let Your Capital Yield Profits Round The Clock! Forex AutoTrading Service - Get 30 days trial on demo or live account.

author: Forex AutoTrading Service posted 01-24-2016

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author: John posted 02-10-2016

IRA TAX DISTRIBUTION QUESTION I had an IRA with two diffeent institutions. One of those institutions required that I close my account at age 70. I rolled the taxable portion of the IRA into the... read more »

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