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Accounting Software

Whether you make a living in the accounting field or just keeping track of your personal finances, accounting software is an incredible tool that can save you time and money. Join these forums to learn more about your favorite accounting software, ask for advice or share your wisdom.

QuickBooks Discussions

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How to read data from Quick book files by using .net applica...

by venkateshsomasi
HI, I'm new to quick books,we have a project requirement that we have to read data from qucikbooks files using .net application(microsoft visual studio) , can you please suggest me one best meth... read more »

Quicken Personal Finance

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Quicken being divested

by Jeffrey
See http://www.zdnet.com/article/intuit-earnings-q2-2015/ http://investors.intuit.com/press-releases/press-release-details/2015/Intuit-Reports-Q4-and-Fiscal-2015-Results-QuickBooks-Online-Grew-57-to... read more »

Peachtree Accounting

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Reports for Time Tickets

by tricia
I need to print a sales invoice showing from a time ticket the date of each event, the employee ID, invoice description and total rate. I can get the invoice description and rate from sales invo... read more »


This category contains discussions about any tax-related issues. Not sure what to put into a particular field of a particular tax form? This is the right place to ask a question about it. As always, don't forget to help others by answering other posted questions that you know answers for. Topics covered pertain mostly to US taxes.

Taxes General Forum

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Market Discount Accretion for bonds bought at market discoun...

by Not A Clue
Market discount accretion generally requires reporting a portion of the market discount annually as additional interest and increase the basis by the same amount. I the bond defaults or stops paying... read more »

Business Software

These forums have discussions about software used in day-to-day operations of businesses. The specialized software discussed here includes Pont-Of-Sale, database systems and other types of software used in business operation.

Point-Of-Sale Software

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Server Busy dialog( Switch to\ Retry)

by Muhammad
Needing help in pointing what could be the root cause of Server Busy dialog in RMS POS application. This dialog has 2 buttons; Switch to and Retry. none of the buttons works and the application hang... read more »

General Accounting

We have put groups that cover more generic topics related to accounting into this category. If it's about accounting but does not fit anywhere else - here is the place for it!

General Accounting

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Georgia Tech Job Fair - Sep 15, 2015

by Atlant Jobs
Meet face to face with #employers and learn more about our job opportunities @ Atlanta Tech #JobFair on Sep 15, 2015. Register @ http://bit.ly/1D22chm #atlanta #recruiter read more »

Financial Planning

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minimum salary for my wife to max out simple ira contributio...

by dow smith
Hello everyone I own a small business and was thinking about paying my wife a small salary so she can contribute simple ira to her retirement account. I am thinking a salary of $13550 that will all... read more »

UK Finance Discussions

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BBShee the most sh*ittiest organisation in UK

by 7
BBShee the most sh*ittiest organisation in UK --------------------------------------------- The BBshee still the most sh*ittiest organisation in the whole of UK dishing out 2 million criminal reco... read more »