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Hi, I am working as a software engineer in the banking domain. Is there any certification available for software professional especially in banking and finance. Thanks and Regards, R.Kalaivanan
13 years ago
Suppose MSFT issued bonds and bought back shares...
I have included the latest balance statement for MSFT below. The market capitalization of MSFT is now $296B. Their debt/equity (Dt/Eq) ratio is 0.00. Suppose that MSFT issued $295B in bonds. Also, sup...
13 years ago
CPA Auctions
A Becker CPA Auctions blog:
13 years ago
amortization of intangibles
Hi guys, with a friend of mine we are in the process of starting up a business. We need to develop a concept and, it is my understanding that if the design is developed internally it is classified as ...
13 years ago
Software related links
13 years ago
Stock basis.
Greetings to all, I have an elderly client who held a large number of shares in Georgia Pacific which last year was bought out for cash and need to find a basis. We do not know when the stocks were pu...
13 years ago 2
What was the answer to the question about travel donation if given back to the organization? I went to save it and hit the wrong key - poof! Gene "Mist" wrote This one? wrote Record the contribution i...
13 years ago 2
Canada Business Online
13 years ago
Stats or survey on high-earning finance and accounting line of work/business
I am looking for some statistics, surveys, or data on the earning power (salary, revenue) of various types of finance and accounting work and business. I know of a salary guide, but that only contains...
13 years ago
no dbl-taxation on S-corp?
One of the touted advantages of converting from a C-corp to an S-corp is to avoid double taxation. But when the dividend/distribution passes through to the owner's 1040 return, it doesn't pass-through...
13 years ago 2
Hi, I have an accounting question. Since I am beginner in accountancy I need some help. I have the following situation: A person books flights and pays for them to attend a meeting of an organisation....
13 years ago 1
what account to put Draws in?
oops, I forgot to explain. I work for an LLC where the owner uses some money from the corporate banking account. This is supposed to be a "draw," right? What account does it com from? QB Help says an ...
13 years ago 4
order processing software?
Hello, I have a one person online business. I receive my orders with an email and I have a paypal merchant account. I am looking for software that automates my order processing. For example, the softw...
13 years ago
Initial balance sheet before any transactions
The initial balance sheet would have no entries in. You don't say which money is for shares or loans. I'd get an accountant in as quick as possible otherwise you'll be in a mess. Thank you for your re...
13 years ago 16
Simply lost data
We had a full quarter of data filed in our new Simply system. Somehow it all got deleted. Is there any way to recover this. It may have been error or sabotage. I am running windows XP Thanks Alex wrot...
13 years ago 6