Can I contribute to both 457 and Roth IRA?

" Another difference is that 457 plan participant cannot make designated Roth contributions as participants in appropriately amended 401(k) and 403(b) plans can. "
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I am not sure if that means you can not have both Roth IRA and 457?
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Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson writes:
As of only a few years ago, it was possible to have a traditional deductible account in a 401(k) or 403b but now also non-deductible Roth accounts in 401(k)s, too.
So not only are there 401(k)s, but there are also Roth 401(k)s.
No such amendment was made to 457s. There are no Roth 457s.
None of this has any bearing on your ability to have a Roth IRA. It's entirely separate.
So, yes, assuming you're otherwise eligible to make Roth IRA contributions (ie. your income is below the limit), you may make both a Roth IRA contribution as well as your 457 contributions.
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