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Hi Group
Can a person apply for an equity line of credit to pay off a 401k loan
if one loses his(her) job? The 401k loan is already reality with 3 years
left on the balance.Losing the job could be in two months, two years, in
between,or never.
I know the key would be to take out the line before one loses the
job.Right? Are their any fees(upfront or annual) involved if one ends up
not using the line?
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My HELOC had no opening fees at all, as I set it up with the same bank as the first mortgage. $50/year fee. Good idea to set this up now, it's far tougher to get a decent rate when jobless. JOE
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On Thu, 2 Aug 2007 13:15:41 -0500, Justin wrote:
Are you asking a tax question? You can do what you want with your line of credit. There can be tax consequences though.
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Thanks everyone
The only question I have left is this.Are both a HELOC & HEL tax deductible.I thought you had to show proof that you were using the money for home improvements to be tax deductible.Why wouldn't everybody use a HELOC instead of a conventional loan if it is tax deductible?
I know this is a tax question & I did post in Misc.taxes moderated group but my post has not showed up.Do you have to be a member of the group?Some times groups don't like webtvers.Thanks again everyone.Great insights.
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big snipped-for-privacy@webtv.net (Marty) writes:
Only if you're in the AMT or if the loan balance is over $100K.
Because it puts you at risk of losing your home.
It's a moderated group. It can take a day or so, especially if the moderator is out of town.
-- Rich Carreiro snipped-for-privacy@rlcarr.com
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Rich Carreiro

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