savings bonds - EE/HH - keep or redeem

We have a small stack of savings bonds,
mostly the EE kind with a couple HH
that will mature in about 5-10 years.
Just noticed that the HH is now at 1.5%
and the EE are at .06%
Does it make sense to still hold this,
or redeem and put the cash into CDs ?
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Governments can keep interest rates low for a long time, but I wouldn't count on it.
Start redeeming gradually so that you will be able to move to a higher yield.
-- Ron
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Ron Peterson
What about moving them to I-Bonds? I-Bonds will yield better interest as inflation takes hold, and the Fed continues with ZIRP. I don't think CD yields are going up any time soon...they are still on the way down as I write this.
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