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Need a copy of One Write Plus installation software!
I have been using One Write Plus for my small business for 20 years. My oldest windows XP computer running OWP just died (RIP). I no longer have the installation disk for the discontinued OWP software...
7 years ago 2
Pulling up previews very slow...
Running Peachtree 2009 on a 2008 Small Business Server, clients are XP, Vista & Windows 7. I am also running Trend Micro's Worry Free Security on the server & clients computers. Users have been comp...
9 years ago
Moving data
I want to move Peachtree data from a local drive to a network drive. What is the process for this. I tried it already but Peachtree would not open. The network drive is a shared data drive on a serv...
12 years ago 5
Change default data directory in Peachtree 2008?
Want to move all my company data to a single location. How can I configure Peachtree Complete Accounting 2008 to point to a different location to look for company data when it opens up?
12 years ago 2
PeachTree Complete 2006 installation
start PeachTree. "Could not find the file Peachw.chm, the PeachTree help file. Do you want to find it yourself?" I can find the Peachw.chm in the help folder. PeachTree start after I found the file....
12 years ago
Peachw.exe - Fatal Application Exit
Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem. I don't have a recent backup of my files and I do not want to lose any work for the past two months. I receive the fatal application exit error and I have...
12 years ago
Switching between Real-Time and Batch Posting mode
Hello, We are using Peachtree 2006 and recently did some custom integration in which we are using a tool called Pawcom to pull data out of Peachtree and post data such as invoices, sales orders, and ...
12 years ago 2
Peachtree complete version 7
I own Peachtree complete version 7, and it has worked well for years. I have it working fine on Vista as well. Are there an significant changes that would make accounting easier in the newer versi...
12 years ago 4
Default admin name and password?
Hello! In PT Premium Accounting 2005, what would be the default admin user name and password? I have a client who needs to maintain users but they only have a user name and password that has restri...
13 years ago 3
How do you unvoid a voided check in Peachtree 2005 or 2006?
13 years ago 1
How do I get my old program "One Write Plus" on to work my Windows8 laptop?
I'd like to use my old accounting program One Write Plus on my Windows 8 machine. Is there a work-around for it like there is for Windows 7?
6 years ago 3
Packing Materials as Cost of Goods Sold?
We are going to be selling bags of firewood. Would you class the expense for burlap bags and shipping boxes as "cost of goods sold" or just materials? I assume the shipping charges for shipping to...
12 years ago 2
One Write Plus Version 5.0.1 Floppy Disks
I am using an older One Write Plus Version 5.0.1 Acctg system that has been loaded on my desktop for many years now. I have a newer laptop that won't accept the floppy disks for installation; CD's on...
6 years ago 1
Peachtree Premium 2010 Files?
Where does it keep the bloody data files?! I can't even figure out where the .ini file is to see how things are set up that way! The program won't start; I need to uninstall it and reinstall it, I...
10 years ago
How do I enter a fixed asset into Peachtree that we sold?
Hello! How do you enter a fixed asset that was sold into Peachtree? I entered the purchase information into Peachtree and posted the depreciation into Peachtree from FAS and put in the disposal inf...
11 years ago 1
How do I import a Journal Entry from Excel or .CSV?
Is it possible to import a general journal entry from excel into peachtree? If so, how is it done? thank you
14 years ago 2
How do I batch print checks
I am a new user to Peachtree Accounting 2005 and used to use QuickBooks Pro. Like Quickbooks, can I input the bills as they arrive and then select those I choose to print and then print all at once...
14 years ago 3
Customer List Export
How can I export my customer list complete with mail address to a Microsoft application? Peachtree 2005 Complete CSSJR
9 years ago 2
Peachtree Export to Excel
I am running Peachtree Complete Accounting 2003. I always used to be able to export reports to Excel 2000. When I upgraded to Excel 2003, I can't seem to activate the Excel Icon in the Peachtree ...
14 years ago 5
Getting Started - General Ledger
Hi, I am the General Partner of a very small (family) Limited Partnership that has no employees, no payroll,.... I do not have experience using accounting software and would appreciate if you could pl...
7 years ago