CHAT: Recurring Incremental Revenues - KEY to achieving aggressive goals!

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Electronic Data Interchange - EDI. Some think there's nothing to it. Others see it as too complex.
At DiCentral, we are EDI. Join us in a chat session this Friday, September 7, from 3 to 4 PM, to discuss how your firm will profit through introducing DiCentral solutions for your customers' EDI needs. Please participate in a profitable conversation.
HOW does DiCentral help with sales, development, and implementation? WHY DiCentral is the best long-term solution? WHAT is the difference between DiCentral and common EDI translators? TELL ME MORE about monthly recurring revenue from DiCentral?!
DiCentral sales and engineering experts will be on hand to answer your questions and guide you to improving revenues with minimal demand on your existing resources.
So take a few minutes before you turn off your laptop for the weekend and see how DiCentral can help you build your business through EDI!
Jesse Rancifer
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