Handling Goods on Consignment - Suggestions?

We are just now starting to try and market a product - always we've been services.
We're fixing to test market some of our product by letting stores have 12 items on consignment with payment due upon reorder. If they order more, they pay us, if they don't they owe us nothing.
Suggestions for how I run this thru Peachtree? What kind of documentation I give them with the product?
I have PT2007 Premium for Construction.
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Carla F.
In essence it would appear that your first set of goods would be "free" to the vendor, they restock and pay, or don't restock and get the first goods free??? If true, simply sell the first goods at $0 to the vendor by simply modifying the per unit sales cost on the invoice line item. This will relieve your inventory, cost the goods and the history of use and purchase will be captured by the system
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D Drake

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