peachtree sucks!
their support sucks, always have alwasy will...
and sage is worse than the previous 10 owners!
Stay the FUCK away from these assholes!
not sure if quickbooks is any better but most eem to think it is, I will let yo know next week!
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I suspect many of us who use this group (in a civil manner) find that PT has many drawbacks. In just a few weeks of using Complete 2006, I am amazed that the programmers who designed this software didn't make it more user friendly. I'm sure we all could submit a list of gripes.
However, I suspect you'll find that QB is worse in some repects. Its user interface is much easier but I've heard reports that the latest versions are buggy, the registration process is inane, and customer support is worse than PT. Plus, you have to upgrade whenever the tax rates are changed.
Now, as far as your childish rantings, could you please just go away.
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