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Thermal Printer not cutting after document but does after page
Hello, Came across this forum and thought you guys might be able to help. We purchased some "HOP-E801" thermal printers to print receipts with our sage system, however, when we print two pages with th...
2 years ago
Create barcodes with TypeScript
ConnectCode, a world leading provider of barcode software and fonts, today announced the release of a new version (v10.6) of ConnectCode Barcode Softw are and Fonts. This version introduces a Micro...
5 years ago
PC Charge Processing Very Slow
I am running PC Charge Pro with RMS 1.3 and I have been experiencing very slow processing times when I swipe CC's, I'm talking like 30 seconds each. The internet connection is not the problem. Sett...
9 years ago 1
Cognitive Advantage LX thermal label printer problems
My thermal label printer prints labels that aren't very dark to begin with and rapidly fade. I tried new label stock, and I've tried cleaning the print head. No luck. A tech from Cognitive walked m...
9 years ago 2
Configuring the WEIGHTRONIX - 6720 Scale
We are using RMS 2.0 and are trying to configure the scale to be recognize by the RMS software. The scale seems to installed correctly on its own, but the interaction to read the weight inside the R...
9 years ago 7
To understand developing Hooks for RMS
I would like the experts of this newsgroup to give me a general understanding of RMS regarding developing Hooks. Beside general info, maybe some simple example of an integration. I have several l...
9 years ago 8
RMS Status Codes
Just wondering if anyone has a list of what the RMS Batch.Status codes 0-15 mean? I can't find them defined anywhere. I'm specifically looking at how to identify Blind Closes so I don't count th...
10 years ago 1
Custom POS button for blind closeout
Hi Is anyone aware of an internal command which can be used for a custom POS button to perform a blind closeout? Many thanks, Nick
10 years ago 1
Count Inventory with a USB Barcode Scanner
I just purchased headquarters for all of my locations running RMS. I need to do physical inventory counts. I would like to bring my laptop to each location and hook up a USB scanner to do the ph...
10 years ago 2
Jewelry Label-POS 2009
I need to print 2-up jewelry barbell type labels in MS POS 2009. There is no template for it. Is there a place to download templates that work in POS 2009? If there is no place to download a temp...
10 years ago 2
Digipos DS900 OPOS
Hi, Is there anyone using the above with Microsoft Dynamics RMS? I have a printer installed with a drawer on a parallel port with OPOS 2.15 installed. The printer and cash drawer works well. H...
10 years ago
change item quantity on POS
Hi All, I'm just trying to change quantity of selected item on POS I tried fallowing: Set Entry = QSRules.Transaction.Entries(QSRules.Transaction.CurrentEntryKey) Entry.Quantity = 5 //Not work...
10 years ago 5
Check Database Error -2147218967
I ran the check database in the SO Admin and received the following error: Error -2147218967: Table error: object ID 18815129, index ID 0, partition ID 72057594056146944, alloc unit ID 72057594062...
11 years ago
forgot the password for Point of sale not RMS
forgot the password for Point of sale not RMS how can I find it?? Thank you.
11 years ago 9
Configure HP LD220 Customer Pole Display
I'm having problems with my new RP3000 system. My Customer Pole Display is not working well. RMS offers me two lines of text -- with 3 different animation effects. My line 1 shows up many ti...
11 years ago 7
Epson TM-T88IV Parallel to USB bridge
------------------------------------- I am trying to use a Parallel to USB bridge with the TM-T88IV. I see most people purchasing PCI cards when they receive a new PC that does not have a paral...
11 years ago 1
Creating customization?
Hi all Must i be a reseller to be able to get access to SDK or documentations to make my own customization to RMS ? I am a store owner and i have old-school programming knowledge thank you, R...
11 years ago 7
How to manipulate the receipt variables?
I am modifying the account statement receipt template. There is a variable AccountStatement.Activities.Description that gives something like: Store Name - New Charge -- Transaction #77 I am inte...
11 years ago
Copy security Settings for RMS Store Ops 2.0 to other stores:
Copy security Settings for RMS Store Ops 2.0 to other stores: I have 7 stores using RMS Store Ops 2.0, and HQ. I want to make a master setting at one location and copy it to other locations, what?...
11 years ago 1
Slow Receipt Printing
At POS when we post a transaction, it sometimes takes up to 10 seconds for the receipt to be printed. Can anyone suggest why this has started happening? Our hardware isnt top spec, but its not te...
11 years ago 4