Download Grocery Store Inventory database

Might I have a download link please to such a database?
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Hi Is the data still available? Can you share it please?
Thanks and with best regards Ashwin
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Hello Ashot, I am really hoping this database is still available and that you are still monitoring this account. Could really use this in CSV or whatever format you have available. Can please send respond to my posting email? Thank you very much!! Andy
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Hope you are still responding to requests. I would like to get the database if possible. Let me know how. Thanks.
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I'm designing a grocery delivery app as a capstone project for school. This would be so, so helpful. Could you email this to Warmest regards, Jay
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I am working on a retail analytics problem for a PoC. Could you please send the dataset to me?
Thank you.
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hey, i am studying computer science and i am working on a project related to machine learning and data visualization.can you plz male it to and in return ill share my project with you, thanks!!
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