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Multiple instances of HQ Server
Hi, I have a client who has approx 40 stores and I want to setup multiple HQ Server's on the same server machine, I don't believe this is supported but I've heard of others doing this so I'd like...
9 years ago 3
Security Settings
Hi All, I work with a Franchise group head office and we are trying to set up all of our stores with generic security settings. I have set security level 30 to have no restrictions at all, but do...
9 years ago 3
Offline Mode Limitations
Microsoft use to have an article that reviewed the limitations of the RMS Offline Mode. However, while viewing the knowledgebase, I am unable to find it. Anyone have a copy or know where to find t...
9 years ago 2
Vista Firewall Settings
I am not able to connect to database with store operations while firewall is enabled. What modifications do I need to make to be able to enable firewall on server. Using Vista. Thanks
9 years ago 2
RMS label printing on continous label printer
According to Customersource, the built in label printing in RMS is set up for Avery labels only. But in the label wizard I see Barcode Blaster labels listed there. Those look like they might be fo...
9 years ago 2
Double sided receipts from RMS
Hi all, Does any one have a solution for double sided receipts for RMS, perhaps showing promotions on the back of the normal receipt etc.? The hardware is a AST NCR receipt printer. Cheers JP
9 years ago 3
Supplier Comparison
Hi anyone know how to report Supplier comparison report Lets say I have item X that has 8 suppliers How do print out a comparison of all the items in the database with multiple suppliers so that I ...
9 years ago 3
Inactive Items
Hi, Does anyone know why Items would show as Inactive at the Store level even though they are NOT inactive in HQ? We had decided to set several Items to inacative at the beginning of the year bas...
9 years ago 2
Insurance Benefit Verification - NCDPD Transactions
Good morning, Is anyone aware of any add on modules to handle either insurance benefit verification with RMS sales and if there is the ability to support NCPDP transactions ( Than...
9 years ago 1
Customized Purchase Order/Transfer Inventory In/Out
We need to have our PO's and Inventory Transfers not show cost of any kind...also add two additional columns - Extended Description and Sub Description 1. Is anyone able to do this for us? Thanks ...
9 years ago 2
Add PO # to Summarry Sales Report
Hi, I'm looking for help on adding PO # to summary sale report. I've been able to add the column but do not know how to make it query the correct table....
9 years ago 1
Price Checking Kiosk
Has anyone seen anyone offering any type of standalone kiosk where a customer can scan an item to get a price check? We would need it to work with our RMS database of course. I thought about creati...
9 years ago 2
To understand developing Hooks for RMS
I would like the experts of this newsgroup to give me a general understanding of RMS regarding developing Hooks. Beside general info, maybe some simple example of an integration. I have several l...
9 years ago 8
How much is AX for Retail?
I've been using RMS for 5 years with 2 stores, patiently waiting for more updated version. I noticed on MS website that Dynamics AX for Retail was just released. It looks all good but sounds very ex...
9 years ago 4
Dongle Question
Hi - We have a second cash register that won't come out of Evaluation Mode, but the main cash register/database works fine, what can cause this? I assumed there was a dongle issue but now I wonder ...
9 years ago 3