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Lets us know if you are facing any problem on printing check online using quickbook?
Hello, We would like to make software solution for QuickBooks. Please let us know if you are facing any problem when printing checks using QuickBooks or making deposit slip using quickbook. If you ...
2 years ago
New Quickbooks Pricing Insane?
Am I the only one who finds the new Quickbooks pricing totally f'ng insane? They want $2800 PER YEAR for enterprise 5 user and $2500 PER YEAR for the Premier product 5 user? I never thought I woul...
4 years ago 3
USD to CAD translation entry
I have all my sales & all purchases as well as all A/R & A/P transactions in USD and Bank accounts maintain for it is also in USD. At the end of the year, I have to translate these values in CAD. Wh...
5 years ago 1
Quickbooks Version 2001 has stopped working in Windows Vista
Vista) , a pop up came up "QB has stopped operating. An issue induced the plan to cease operating appropriately. Windows will close the plan and notify you if a resolution is out there." I've close...
7 years ago
Re-register old version
Where's the location for re-registration of older versions when internal link 404's? Needed to rebuild and re-install QB on this machine--all ok except now need to re-register or will run out of us...
8 years ago 3
QB training
Has anyone here used one of the online QB courses, and can you either recommend it or warn people off?
8 years ago 4
Good Accountants in Montreal ?
Can anybody recommend a good Accountant in the region of Laval or Montreal ? I'm using Quickbook 2009 for the first time and would need to ask some questions to start the book keeping right. Thanks...
10 years ago 4
Exclude a "Class" from report?
If ... -- I have 1,000 entries in expense accounts -- 250 of them are tagged as a Class -- 750 of them are NOT tagged as a Class How do I get a P&L report of only the Non-Class entries? Thanks,
11 years ago 9
QB Enterprise 2005 conversion to QB Pro 2008
Good morning from Wisconsin, I have a client company that has been using QuickBooks Enterprise 2005 now for several years and they never needed the bells and whistles that came with Enterprise despi...
11 years ago 1
quickbooks mobile PDA
Anyone using a Quickbooks interface on a mobile PDA?? If got an HTC PDA with Windows Mobile 6.0. I'd like something that I can create an invoice in, then email/fax before i leave the site. Would lik...
11 years ago 1
Automatic notification when a customer payment is due
Guys, perhaps I'm being dim but this is what I want to do if possible. Members pay for a one year's membership starting on the date they join which can be any time though out the year. I want a wa...
12 years ago 18
accounting for employee tips when receiving payments
I mailed an invoice to a customer for $255. The customer sent a check back for $295 which included a $40 tip for the employees who serviced the customer. When I receive the payment, I have $40 lef...
12 years ago 2
Bill Payment format
Hello.. I wish to change the fonts used in the Bill payment form.. I cant seem to locate where to do the changes.. Is there a central location that I can access to change fonts for the Bill Payment...
12 years ago 1
Reselling Services
I apologize for all the questions I am posting today, just trying to do everything the right way and the quickbooks help files only cover so much. I resell a few services that I buy from other busine...
12 years ago 5
QBP2007 Voided/Deleted Transaction History
Transaction History report in Accounting Reports. I would like to purge "previous years" transaction history since I have years 1998 through 2007. How can I selectively purge these items from 1998 ...
12 years ago
"mapping error" in versacheck with quickbooks
Is anyone else getting the "mapping error' when trying to print checks from QuickBooks Online using VersaCheck? The forums are filled with posts on this issue but I found nothing...
12 years ago
Quick Books Admin password
Hi I have a file in Quickbooks 2006. I open it with a user id and password and it opens fine.I forgot the Admin password for this file. I installed Quickbooks 2007 recently and was upgrading the fil...
12 years ago 2
I have just been blackmailed into another version of QB Pro (07) with 3 instead of 5 installs. So far spent 24 hours tring to write paychecks, found out the window was written with the wrong size t...
12 years ago 18
Can you view sent emails from QB?
I work for a company who is looking at possibly needing to sue someone for non payment. She claims she has never received an invoice from us, but we have mailed, faxed, and emailed her invoices. I nee...
12 years ago 13
What's the Best way to Cancel an Invoice?
Without going into the details as to 'why', I've an invoice which I sent out over a month ago. It will not be paid out to me (not a large amount if anyone is interested). So other than simply 'delet...
12 years ago 11