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Quicken 2019 R19.52 Release Notes
Quicken 2019 R19.52 Release Notes Jun 2019 Fixed: Multiple issues that could cause Quicken to crash. Quicken 2019 R19.50 Release Notes Jun 2019 Fixed: An issue where Quicken could be stuck on th...
6 months ago 2
TTax Deluxe - $49.99
Amazon has dropped the price of TTax Deluxe Fed/State (CD or Download) to $49.99. has the same price, with Fed only $10 less. Staples and Office Depot/Max are holding to list price.
1 year ago 10
unclaimed money from ATT stock
Help!!!! I am totally clueless! I recently found out that my great grandfather who has been deceast since the 1970s has unclaimed funds from several ATT Stocks. How do I go about claiming them? Can I ...
1 year ago
Problems downloading J.P. Morgan 401k accounts
Some information for those experiencing difficulties downloading your J.P. Morgan 401k account since late in 2016 as indicated in this Quicken Community discussion,
2 years ago
Using _underscore categories in Quicken
In another thread, someone suggested that I use the category _HSAEmployerContrib. Judging by the name, this category is simply perfect for my needs. Except, underscore. I understand that the _cate...
3 years ago 2
upgrade to 2017manually reconciling but not all unreconciled transactions are showing up in reconcile window
i upgraded to Quicken 2017 today but when I went to manually reconcile my account only cleared transactions that were from before the last bank statement date are showing... ie transactions that had...
3 years ago 2
Quicken won't start after successful update
Quicken 2014 Deluxe notified me of a new update yesterday. I installed it successfully and now Quicken won't open - I can't even get the login screen to appear. Any suggestions? Thanks.
3 years ago 3
Does "Snap To" work in your version of Quicken?
I am running Quicken Premier 2015 Release 11 under Windows 10. I have selected "Snap To" as a Pointer Option in Mouse Properties under Windows. In Quicken, when I select One Step Update, a dialog bo...
3 years ago 2
PDFdrv Quicken Printer Driver
I lost my Quicken "PDFdrv" driver file. I only now have an empty folder fo r it. I need it to be able to duplex print Quicken Reports on my printer. Can anyone out there supply me with this driver...
3 years ago 12
Mail Login Failed with H&B 2016 Rel 7
Updated Quicken H&B 2016 to Release 7 and now get "Mail Login Failed" when trying to email invoices. Had been working. Running Windows 10 with Windows Live Mail as default mail client. Anyone els...
3 years ago 1
Enter Intuit ID Password
One of my Quicken files throws up a panel that reads - Enter Intuit ID Password as opposed to the Enter Quicken Password panel. How do I revert to the Enter Quicken Password panel? Thanks, Fred J....
3 years ago 6
QuickenWindow has stopped working
When I try to load my quicker data file into my quicken deluxe 2014 (installed in Windows 8.1) it crashes and I get an error message that says "QuickenWindow has stopped working. A problem ca...
4 years ago 15
No online services
Using Q2014 R8 in Windows 7 system. One step update from two banks and one brokerage worked fine on Monday. Today I cannot access any online information for any online activated account. Deactivat...
4 years ago 3
Repeated stock split notification
QD2015 , WIN7 Update brings same stock split notification day after day. Even after accepting it. Annoying. Any ideas?
4 years ago 5
Issue Reconciling a Quicken Brokerage Account
Using Quicken 2015 Home & Business (Release 8) I have a brokerage account that cannot be reconciled for this reason. When viewing the account in the normal window, it accurately displays the Cash...
4 years ago 21
Turbotax Mississippi Return - Form 80-107 errors
Turbotax creates a Mississippi blank form 80-107 for each item on a 1099, rather than for each 1099. So, one for every dividend, one for every stock sale. It did the same thing last year. I ha...
4 years ago 2
Turbotax foreign tax bug
I think I may have stumbled on a bug in TurboTax Premium and don't know how to correct for it. During the Federal review I get an error: "Sch K-1 Partnership Additional Info 1: Foreign Tax Code L...
4 years ago 2
Tim Hortons / Burger King merger
Before the merger, I owned Tim Hortons stock. For each share I owned I got approx. $55.83 in cash and approx. 0.82 shares of Restaurant Brands International stock and cash in lieu of fractional ...
5 years ago 2
TurboTax 2014 Changes - Forms Removed
This has been mentioned in a couple of other threads, but I thought it was important enough to warrant it's own subject. Every so often, Intuit really shoots themselves in their foot. Going back a ...
5 years ago 25
Quicken Mobile and investment accounts
Does anybody know if any Quicken mobile program currently has the ability to sync with investment accounts? Does anybody know of any Quicken plans to include investment accounts in the reasonabl...
5 years ago 1