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Liniking auto paycheck with downloaded deposit trxn
Hello- I am very new to Quicken-- in fact I am just getting things set up (using 2005 premier home and business). I have established a paycheck that gets scheduled for every two weeks. I also am ...
14 years ago 6
What is IME?
Awhile ago I right clicked on a line when I was looking at sources of income and one of the options was Open IME. I clicked on it out of curiousity but didn't see any result. Nothing seemed to happe...
14 years ago 1
Q2004 Deluxe - TT 2005 Deluxe - no data transfer
I'm in the process of doing my taxes, and TT2005 is unable to import ANY tax data from Q2004. I've been able to do this in past years when I was using Q2002 Deluxe. I updated to Q2004 about three ...
14 years ago 1
Copy Transactions
I'm using Q05. Is there ANY way to copy the transactions from a Cash Flow: Savings account to an Investment Account? I've checked help and the "move transactions" does not work when going from one...
14 years ago 1
can't update date into
Whenever I use one step update since upgrading to Quicken 2005 deluxe I get an error message saying that my can't be updated because I a different Quicken data file is being used and ...
14 years ago 3
Q2005 H&B Part #s
I've been watching eBay lately and thinking about buying this program from there. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be as simple as selecting the best price. I've found at least four part number...
14 years ago 1
Any readers here who have transitioned to GNUCASH?
14 years ago 9
Quicken 2005 - How can I find all transactions with flags?
One of the things I really like about Quicken 2005 is that you can put a note on an individual transaction and then flag it. However I have not figured out how to find all transactions with flags on...
14 years ago
Pin Vaullt Edit or delte to edit?
Quicken 2004. I have used the pin vault for yrs. There is 1 Mutual fund Vanguard that is not correct. But I haven't found a way to delete that from the pin vault and still you the rest. It only le...
14 years ago 1
Where to enter local taxes in Turbotax
I prepare a local income tax and can't seem to remember where I enter it in the TurboTax program so it comes out in the total wit the other withheld state taxes. Anyone know? Thanks, Barbara
14 years ago 4
Money market is wrong type
I'm in Q2005H&B This topic has been addressed somewhat in previous threads--My bank tells me this is not an uncommon situation: Years ago I set up 2 money market accounts through my bank as "type: b...
14 years ago 1
Backing up to a network drive
Hi all, I have a Zip drive on my local computer and would like it to be accessible from a 2nd computer on my small home LAN. I mapped a specific backup folder on the Zip drive/disk to Z and see i...
14 years ago 14
Strange views in Portfolio
I have a custom view in Portfolios with, among other columns, cost basis, market value, gain/loss %. When I expand any entry to the lot level, not all securities present the numbers for these columns...
14 years ago 1
Q2005 - Webconnect not working
I've been using Q2005 for about 6 months and have several credit card accounts for which I routinely download account activity. Today, none of the updates are working. I connect to the credit card w...
14 years ago 4
Funds that are sold to another company
I have a how-to question. My Safeco fund was sold to Pioneer Investment Company last year. As a result, a tax-free reorganization occurred. My question is: How do I record this in Quicken 2005 and sti...
14 years ago 3