1031 Exch question

I did a reverse 1031 exch via a qualified intermediary. One property sold and 2 properties purchased in exchange.
Here are the details:
1. Year 2017 - I could not find a property that I liked for the full amount of the property I was selling so I purchased a property with a smaller dollar amount (ie partial replacement property before the sale of the relinquished property)
2. Year 2017 - next end of Oct 2017 I sold the property that I had for sale (relinquished property) so the 1031 exch company had excess cash of mine
3. Year 2018 - I purchased the second replacement property in March 2018 within the 180 days window. The total dollar amount of both replacement properties purchased exceeded the sale price of the property relinquished.
so I had two transactions in 2017 and one transaction in 2018.
1. I have an extension to file 2017 federal taxes in Oct 2018
2. The purchase and sale of the properties were within the time periods allowed by the 1031 exch rules.
My question is
1. how does one fill the 2017 forms? The second purchase (replacement Property) in 2018 will not show in 2017 Tax Return.
2. And how does one communicate to the IRS in my 2017 taxes that there?s no capital gains tax because all the funds that were received from the sale of the relinquished property was all used in the purchase of the two replacement properties (one is 2017 and one in 2018

Sorry about the long explanation.
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Why do you say "The second purchase (Replacement Property) in 2018 will not show in 2017 Tax Return." I would think that the 2017 Form 8824 [the only one you'll need to file] is the place to show *both* of the replacement properties. And that way nobody expects to see gain on the 2017 tax return; the exchange values are all lined up and fully disclosed.
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