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09-20-2015 California FTB demand seems unreasonable 1
09-20-2015 Question on 1031 exchange 9
09-13-2015 Question of Long Term Capital Losses and Gains 5
09-11-2015 Phone Calls About IRS Filing a Lawsuit? 2
09-11-2015 I want to get a step-up in basis for a stock. 4
09-09-2015 Can a US Employer Contract With Non-US Workers? 1
09-06-2015 What to do about mortgage payments received? 3
09-05-2015 question about Earning Social Security credits & Tax Filing 4
09-05-2015 Question on Credit for Employer Social Security and Medicare Taxes Paid on Certain Employe... 1
09-02-2015 Tax Refund, Due to my error 1
08-31-2015 Market Discount Accretion for bonds bought at market discount 0
08-31-2015 Mortgage/Loan Interest Deduction for limited partners 0
08-30-2015 Question about IRA account, and K-1 not related to MLP 1
08-29-2015 Save money by getting into a lower tax bracket? 4
08-27-2015 Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit credit concern 2
08-27-2015 Personal expenses on business work 0
08-25-2015 I'll owe taxes in April for tax year 2015, should I send in payments now? 12
08-21-2015 Short Term Capital Losses 3
08-20-2015 minimum salary for my wife to max out simple ira contribution. 0
08-19-2015 Basis in IRA RMDs? 12
08-19-2015 shareholder's stock basis report/statement for year 2014 0
08-18-2015 dissolving of s corp help and trying to find date when shares are disposed from another sh... 0
08-16-2015 Allstate Auto Renigs - Off Topic 6
08-16-2015 Sales tax on internet orders? 3
08-16-2015 Passive Income 5
08-11-2015 All cash merger, owned less than a year 2
08-11-2015 Sophy tax case re unmarried couple and mortgage debt. 1
08-07-2015 Does asbestos remediation affect my basis 7
08-03-2015 Taxes on out of home state employment? 13
07-31-2015 Minimum interest required? 6
07-30-2015 Not a Tax issue 7
07-27-2015 Final Regulations Published On Where To File For Refund and/or Credit Claim 3
07-25-2015 Gift Tax 3
07-25-2015 Deprectiation schedule 1
07-21-2015 previous employer pension partial rollover and personal disbursement 4
07-19-2015 Inherited 1/2 of house arrgh! 7
07-17-2015 ACA Penalty 3
07-12-2015 Rules on using HSA funds for legitimate medical expenses 13
07-06-2015 Upon termination, is the PTO that you have accrued taxed higher when it is paid 2
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