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03-04-2016 election statement for a single nonresident alien to be treated as a resident alien 0
03-02-2016 Enron 1099B 4
03-02-2016 Filing FBAR Electronically 2
03-01-2016 Amended return 6
02-29-2016 Is deductibility controlled by org's 501c3 status at time of contribution or end-of-year? ... 1
02-28-2016 1099-div unlikely "corrected" this cycle? 2
02-26-2016 RMD on an annuity in an IRA 5
02-25-2016 Client already paid deficiency that could instead have been amended 0
02-25-2016 Do I need to send 1099? 5
02-23-2016 Question About Form 2210 (Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals, Estates, and Trust... 1
02-23-2016 IRA Required Minimum Distribution; Sr. Citizen Question, please 3
02-23-2016 How to get est tax payment info from IRS? 3
02-22-2016 Does "Market Adjustment" on form 1099-B affect anything? 1
02-19-2016 Student Loan Interest Co Signor 0
02-18-2016 non-covered bond premium?!?! 1
02-18-2016 Repayment of Advance Premium Tax Credit 6
02-09-2016 Sold cabinets that came with the house I bought -- owe taxes? 1
02-08-2016 Pay Back Disability? 2
02-07-2016 Fillable PDF tax forms now "tax software" for e-file mandate? 11
02-07-2016 Claiming a dependent 0
02-07-2016 Contribute to a Roth; Then Take Distribution; All To Get Form 1040 Credit? 1
02-05-2016 Child Support 8
02-02-2016 Is an engagement ring subject to gift tax? 5
02-02-2016 Can I correct excessive state tax deduction? 0
02-02-2016 Is there a way to correct excessive state tax deduction taken? 1
02-02-2016 Form 1099-MISC 2015 4
02-01-2016 1099 But Not Income 1
02-01-2016 1031 exchange of real property used in a business operation 0
01-30-2016 Filing tax in 2 states 16
01-27-2016 Real estate refund; what do I do with it. 8
01-26-2016 Credit Card From Offshore Institution 12
01-26-2016 Medical mileage 7
01-25-2016 Vehicle Expenses (Uber) 3
01-24-2016 importing last year's turbo tax into a professional's tax software 7
01-23-2016 reporting safe harbor method for calculating wagering gains from slot machine play 3
01-22-2016 New York new CEU requirement 1
01-22-2016 Question about Form 1099-R (Backdoor Roth Conversion) 4
01-18-2016 How to file a Capital Gains loss 8
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