Can you switch from a 1040EZ to a 1040A via an amended return?

My daughter filed her 2016 tax return using form 1040EZ.
It turns out she was eligible for a Retirement Savings Contribution Credit of $200 because she made a contribution to her Roth IRA, but didn't know to enter that when she did her taxes.
To claim this credit, you have to file form 1040A or 1040EZ along with form 8880.
Can this be accomplished via an amended return?
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She needs to file Form 1040X Amended Return. She only needs to complete Lines 6 to 22 if she wants the refund. She needs to complete Part III that asks why she is amending. Don't forget to have her sign and date it. She would complete Form 8880 and attach it to the 1040X. Page 14 of the 1040X instructions tells her where to mail the amended return.
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