CCH Tax News Headline - May 10, 2011

CCH Tax News Headline - May 10, 2011

Federal Headlines:

5/10/2011 - _Corporation Could Not Change Accounting Method or Deduct
Prepaid Expenses (Lattice Semiconductor Corp. & Subs., TCM)_
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5/10/2011 - _Organization Was Private Foundation, Not Supporting
Organization (Polm Family Foundation, Inc., CA-D.C.)_
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State Headlines:
5/10/2011 - _CCH Webinar: New York State Tax Enforcement Update: Tax
Whistleblowers, Stronger Laws, Increased Enforcement and Other Important
Developments Scheduled for May 12_
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5/10/2011 - _Hawaii --Sales and Use Tax: Legislature Adjourns Without
Passing SST Conformity, Nexus, Remote-Seller Reporting, Tax Holiday
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5/10/2011 - _New Jersey --Sales and Use Tax: Notice Issued on Recently
Enacted SST Conformity Amendments_
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