Part Year NY & NJ Residents

I f you lived in NYC until 6/29/09 & then moved to NJ, are you a NJ
resident and a NY non-resident since you lived in NJ more than 1/2 the
year? All employment income was earned in NJ. How do you apply the
credits you get for taxes paid to the other state?
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I think you would have to file non resident forms for NY and NJ.
Was it the case that you earned income all year, but till 6/29/2009 you lived in NY but worked in NJ? Do your paychecks from this period show only NY state tax withheld? And your paychecks from 6/29 onwards show NJ tax withheld only?
There are special rules for NY and between NY and NJ that I think exist but can't recall them. So hopefully someone else will know.
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"Luka" wrote
You are a part-year resident for each state. Follow the forms and instructions carefully to divide the income between the two.
Or, seek professional help this year.
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