S Corp missed the exended deadline of Sep15th

I have missed the extended deadline of Sep 15th.
Could some one let me know my options ?
Thanks in Advance.
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File asap to minimize any penalties
-----> real address on hobokeni or hobokenx
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Benjamin Yazersky CPA
"oih_holder" wrote
File ASAP.
If they send you a penalty notice, beg for the abatement of them giving the valid reasons that you missed the deadline. Then promise never ever to do it again cross your heart and hope to.....pay taxes in the future? In any light, the penalty should be light.
-- Paul A. Thomas, CPA Athens, Georgia
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Paul Thomas, CPA
Do it NOW!!! If you filed an extension for your personal taxes, they're due by the 15th of October!!
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John H. Fisher
Not a question of options. Just file it ASAP. No penalties, thank God! (and IRS) ChEAr$, Harlan Lunsford, EA n LA
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Harlan Lunsford

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