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How about state tax deadlines ?
We see that we now have until July to file and pay our federal taxes. Any word on whether states will do the same? I'm particularly interested in NY and NJ, neither of whose web sites say anything...
4 months ago 4
Did NYS extend the payment deadline to July 15 like the IRS?
Did NYS extend the payment deadline to July 15 like the IRS?
4 months ago
Earned Income Credit for Unemployed?
Can someone who meets all of the EIC requirements and has no children, file and receive the credit if they earned $0 in 2019? Is there a minimum amount they must earn? You have to have some earned...
4 months ago 2
Should I delay filing taxes because of coronavirus?
Given that this is a very quickly developing situation, there is still a month left before the deadline, and politicians are talking about relief, does anyone feel like there may be meaningful change...
4 months ago
RMD off by 1 penny-- should I bother
It is a pain in the butt to change my 403B RMD withdrawal choice (put on hold forever, spousal waiver required, etc.) Well, it turns out I will be 1 penny shy over the whole year. Do I really need to...
5 months ago 5
Deducting Treasure ETF dividends from PA return?
I have a couple ETFs that invest in Treasuries, so their dividends are exempt from PA tax. They are subtracted from PA Schedule B - Line 3; but there is no obvious way to get them there without...
5 months ago 4
Sr. Citizen Very Simple Question, Please. Thanks.
Hello, I realize that the other misc.taxes Forum is probably more appropriate, as I am not a "tax professional". But I am a Sr. Citizen, very, and find that I miss a lot of the nuances these days. I...
5 months ago 3
Questions about Shared Custody Agreement
My daughter was divorced last year prior to the end of 2019. She and her ex-husband have only one child (age one at the end of 2019) and there are no other dependents. State is Florida. Her divorce...
5 months ago 26
Reporting of Short Options on Tax Returns
I write options on stocks. In previous years, the brokerage firm reports both proceeds, cost basis and gain/loss for all options. This year, they only report proceeds and gains/loss (proceeds =...
5 months ago
Allocating Schedule E Rental Expenses
My question relates to how to allocate Schedule E rental expenses for a vacation home between personal and business. I changed tax preparers this year. Neither former nor current is a seasonal type...
5 months ago 10
Is payment for medical study participation considered taxable income?
I received a $150 "stipend" for a one-time participation in a medical study. I do not expect to receive any other such "stipends" in 2020. Is the $150 payment considered taxable income? If so, should...
5 months ago 2
Nonprofit - no 1023
Hi all - According to the IRS, a non-church nonprofit can qualify under section 501(c)(3) without filing Form 1023, if it normally takes in gross revenues of under $5,000. My question is, is a...
5 months ago 4
1040 filing and TIN
If a self proprietor gets a Tax ID Number, the 1040 shows the social security, do you enter Social Security on Schedule C? How do you link the TIN and Social Security on TurboTax? Thanks. Personally I...
5 months ago 3
Wash sale with unequal quantities
So far every example I've seen is of buying 1000 shares of XYZ after selling _the_same_number_ of shares of XYZ at a loss Scenario: 1. Sell 1000 shares of XYZ at a long-term loss of $1 a share. 2....
5 months ago 2
Spousal IRA
Tax year 2019. Taxpayer and spouse both over 50. Taxpayer has w-2 income and contributed $25,000 to company 401k. AGI is under $155,000. Non working spouse. Can a deductible Spousal IRA be set up? If...
5 months ago 1