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Investment advise, tracker funds
I would like to invest in equities via tracker funds, some within an ISA and some outside. I would like to look into trackers that track the FTSE100, European indexes, North American and the BRICS...
2 years ago 1
Joint Account Tax Liability
My dad has asked me to open a joint share dealing account with him, to help him buy and sell shares, using only his money. I will receive no payment or benefits from it. My question is, will I be...
2 years ago 2
P800 calculation
Today I received a P800 calculation from HMRC telling me I owe them £1 ,340 underpaid tax from 2015-16. However, the calculation includes an £889 underpayment from 2014-15 wh ich I am currently ...
3 years ago 6
House to joint ownership?
Wife and I are in mid seventies. House (paid for) is in my name. Is there any advantage in changing to joint ownership and if so, how to do it. Scotland if it makes any difference.
4 years ago 13
safe deposit boxes - how safe if a bank fails?
How protected are the contents of safe deposit boxes if a British bank fails? The FSCS, admittedly on a page that talks in baby language and has a cartoon of giraffes, defines a "deposit" as "...
4 years ago 6
Travel Insurance for the over 65s
What a nightmare. All the insurance companies we have tried wont insure us now that we're over 65. We actually want a multi-trip worldwide policy (sans North America). We use d to insure with STA...
4 years ago 14
How pedantic are banks?
5 years ago 51
Qualifying week - maternity pay? says: "To calculate your average weekly earnings your employer will average your gross earnings over a period of at least ...
5 years ago 1
When do you need to report capital gains on a sale of property?
According to the HMRC website, you don't declare the sale of your main home on your tax return (because there's no tax to pay nor losses to claim) If you don't normally complete a tax return then ...
5 years ago 5
Re: Spelling Error on Cheque- acceptability
Palindrome gurgled happily, sounding much like they were saying: I'd pay it in. The bank could, strictly speaking, refuse to cash it - but it's very unlikely.
11 years ago 8
Spelling Error on Cheque- acceptability
Hi, I've just received a cheque with my first name incorrectly spelt (Suzanne rather than Susan) - the family name part and title are fine. Should I return it for a replacement, or just pay it ...
11 years ago 2
jTWSdata for Interactive Brokers
hi all, I've created a web-page for jTWSdata here: jTWSdata creates and updates data files real-time using Interactive Brokers historical data as the back-f...
12 years ago 1
jTWSdump for Interactive Brokers
I have updated the jTWSdump web-page with new information and examples. jTWSdump allows to download historical data from Interactive Brokers Trader Workstat...
12 years ago 1
releasing jTWSdump for Interactive Brokers
i've completed this new application jTWSdump which allows to download historical data from Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation: it has a graphical user i...
13 years ago 1
jTWScharts - FREE 7-day evaluation version available
hi, i've updated the jTWScharts web-site: to allow interested people to request a free 7-day evaluation version. If you already know jTWScharts just go to ...
13 years ago 1
Contact for CCA on debit card
Am I correct in thinking that I contact the payee to get these cancelled ? Thanks Daytona
14 years ago 1
Independent Banking Advisory Service
Has anyone had any experience using this service or any similiar? Seem keen to want a help but want to charge up front which leaves me a bit suspicous. Any info would be appreciated John
14 years ago 3
Mortgage endowment complaint
Can anyone advise on this please; I have been offered £15,698.44 (surrender value being £10,476.15) for an endowment policy from Friends Provident which I complained I was mis-sold. The policy ...
16 years ago 31
Online insurance application - legal basis of unsigned contract ?
Hi I've managed to double insure my property (buildings insurance) due in part to the lack of communication a new insurer (let's call them insurer B), meaning I renewed the existing insurance (A)....
16 years ago 2
Two jobs one tax code
Can anyone tell me whether there is any benefit to me splitting my tax code between two jobs? Currently I am a basic rate tax payer and my tax code is with employer A. Last year I earned the mos...
14 years ago 3