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I currently have a big struggling (please see below) whether I should continue to pursue CMA or I should change to pursue CGA instead. I hope anyone would give me some advice or share your experiences with
me if you also went through the the same problems as I am going through currently.
My current situation basically is that on this coming September, I would have to register for the CMA strategic leadership program. Up to this moment, I still couldn't find the job related to the management accounting yet. However, one of key requirements to qualify for the CMA designation is that I need to fullfill the 24 months practical working experiences plus 6 months working experiences at the advanced / senior accounting responsbilities as well. All has to be done within this two-year leadership program.
So, I am just quite worried that once I start the leadership program, I would not be able to fullfill the practical experience requirements within the two-year program and also may not finish their management reports that are needed to assoicate with the practical work experiences as well. In other words, I would be likely to fail in the program and waste the tuition fees as well.
So, I hope that if there is anyone who are studying or have completed their CMA program, it would be great if you can give me some of your advice or let me know if there is any alternatives you would use to deal with this situation.
I also want to hear from someone who register for CMA leadership program but found that is not quite suitable for them and share your experiecnes with me too. I want to get more information at this stage and use them to help make my decision which way I should go.
I would be very appreciate for your sharing.
Thanks in advance
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