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What is the best accounting software for small businesses to build financial reports?
What is the best *accounting software* for small businesses to build financial reports?
2 months ago
GAAP for applying payments to specific designnated invoices
Must you apply payment to specific designated invoices
4 months ago
Stock and Mergers
Question: I owned Potash stock prior to a merger. The merger was between Potash and Agrium. I received stock in the new company, nothing else, for my Potash investment. Has a taxable event occurred? I...
3 years ago 1
The three-bucket approach to retirement investing
When devising a retirement plan, there are several different strategies that a financial adviser can employ to make sure that you have enough to meet your retirement lifestyle needs. Read More
3 years ago
5 Great Financial Books to Read
We are often asked by clients, friends and business associates what is a go od financial book to read. As you can imagine there is really no answer to this question as it really depends on your level...
3 years ago
Business sale accounting entry
I sold and closed my business., received payment from buyer, after deducting lawyer and agent expenses, deposited in bank. There is Goodwill and Loss on Balance Sheet. Under which account this sale of...
3 years ago
Changing an invoice
It's one thing to work for some closely to where you can call up and say, "hey that invoice I sent few minutes ago had a typo; I will send you a new one." But I am working with someone who changes...
5 years ago 1
USD to CAN translation entry.
I have all my sales & all purchases as well as all A/R & A/P transactions in USD and Bank accounts maintain for it is also in USD. At the end of the year, I have to translate these values in CAD. What...
5 years ago
Can I get my CPA if I have BA in government and a Masters in Accounting?
I have my Bachelors in Government Relations and have been looking into going for my Masters in Accounting. Ultimately I want to get my CPA but haven't quite figured out if the Masters accounting...
5 years ago 1
Barcode listing fee
we are doing the registration of our items in local supermarket for what we have to pay barcode listing fee,my question is how I can pass the entry for these expense? Wouldn't it be just a cost for...
5 years ago 2
Due date of final 1120-S?
A calendar-year Subchapter S corporation was formally dissolved and all assets distributed on November 6, 2014. One CPA says "the 15th day of the third month" is calculated from the end of the short...
6 years ago
Company File
I am an outsourced accountant of a small business and basically just prepar e their financial statements from the data they provide. Company needs a b usiness valuation and has hired a CPA firm for...
6 years ago 3
Hi , we could try to evaluate the supervision of Accounting differently when considering the finance and its relationship with Accounting design; But After discussing about the finance and its links...
7 years ago
Journal entries for retainers
I need to bill a client for a retainer of 50,000. Additionally, we owe them rent of 5,000. What are the journal entries to record the issuing of the invoice and what are the journal entries to record...
7 years ago 1
Expert accountant
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7 years ago