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QB and Taxes
Not sure what is going on, but I am having a problem with my Form 1065, page 5 cash matching up to my books on Quickbooks. All the numbers match up except for cash balance and total liabilities and ca...
8 years ago 1
How would MSFT's Balance Sheet appear if they purchased $200B of its own stock?
Currently, the share price of MSFT is around $25. Their market cap is $214B. Their book value (total stockholder's equity) is around $46B. Suppose that they wanted to issue debt to purchase back it...
8 years ago 3
Banking Recommendation for Corporate Treasury Accounts
Does anyone know of a credible corporate bank to service an account that will quote monthly fees for advanced treasury services as a flat rate rather than as a menu of ala carte items? Specific featu...
8 years ago
The difference in Gross Profit and EBITDA
Sales 1.00 Gross Margin 0.33 EBITDA 0.18 EBIT 0.12 Net 0.084 What does the difference between the Gross Margin and the EBITDA represent? My guesses are that it represents (1) the ...
8 years ago 11
APA Certification
I am going for my CPA after I complete my Master of Accounting. Is there any advantage in going for either the Fundamental Payroll Certification or the Certified Payroll Professional certifications? T...
8 years ago 1
database for inventory
To: alt.accounting,alt.busine Hello, I have a very small business and I would like to generate a database for the items I buy and sell. I also would like to access the database through the web, ...
8 years ago 1
Can you see anything important in this data?
Hi, I have an interview on Tuesday and part of the interview requires me to give a presentation focusing on their sales data for 2009/10. Here's what I have... Aug 2009 Turnover: 73703 100% Purcha...
8 years ago
Business Innovation Technologies Inc. is based in the Toronto Markham area, with a strong focus on Business Management applications and Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. ------------------...
8 years ago
Basic questions on micro-cap IPOs, stocks, and why go public in the first place?
Here are the balance sheet and income statement for UFood, which is a micro-cap company that operates a handful of specialty fast food restaurants.
8 years ago 4
Turning Receivables Into Accounts Payables
Hi all, I have a client who uses their revenue collection (accounts receivable) system to process creditors in their ledger, effectively turning the receivable system into a payable system in one bi...
8 years ago
When does outsourcing, competitive advantages work and not work?
When does outsourcing, competitive advantages work and not work? One thing that I don't like about outsourcing manufacturing, services, etc. is the asymmetries involved here: 1. The C-level executiv...
9 years ago 1
Allen Priest's ridiculous idea to change the USCF from a 501c4 to a 501c3
[quote="Allen"][quote="Joe Lux"]Certainly, if USCF persues it's desire for 501c3 status with the IRS, which was encouraged by the EB, and rubberstamped by the delegates, there will have to be major ch...
9 years ago 5
REQ:Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, 5th Edition
I am looking for the ebook edition to Kimmel, Weygandt, Kieso: Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, 5th Edition also the solustions manual if anyone has it. Thanks a ton, Cli...
9 years ago
Independent Groups in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida & Ghaziabad
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9 years ago
Payroll Manager, Duluth, GA to $60K
Payroll Manager, Duluth, GA to $60K Well established corporation in the Duluth area has need for Payroll Manager. This position will supervise small staff and be responsible for the accurate and time...
9 years ago