Banking Recommendation for Corporate Treasury Accounts

Does anyone know of a credible corporate bank to service an account that
will quote monthly fees for advanced treasury services as a flat rate rather
than as a menu of ala carte items?
Specific features that would be required would be:
- up to qty 6 zero balance accounts, that accumulate automatically at the
end of each day to a central collection account
- positive pay feature for security of the check writing account
- remote check deposit
- up to 300 checks per month
- less than 10 wires per month outgoing
- less than 10 wires per month incoming
- excellent Internet features
BOFA, Wells Fargo, Comerica, etc all want to quote these services ala carte,
and they generate variable charges per month of $250 to $750. Our goal is
to find a credible bank with some kind of package that would group these
services together and charge a flat rate around $150/month.
Does such a bank exist?
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