Lower Cost Corporate Trustee?

I have googled and found discussion of this company:
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From my reading,if the individual Trustee selects fiduciarypartners.com as the corporate trustee then this corporate trustee does not itself identify stocks to recommend selling and buying but instead "partners" with a designated financial advisor. The financial advisor in turn works with the individual trustee. If the financial advisor and individual trustee disagree on a certain plan of action, then no action is taken. If they agree, then the financial advisor is effectively a proxy for the corporate trustee. So is my interpretation. This set-up is described in the paper I attach from Fiduciary Partners. See also
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A "case study" of how this works appears at
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I am still fuzzy on some of the issues, though, like who is custodian of the stocks and bonds in the trust, and whether the financial advisor has some special fee for "partnering" with the corporate trustee.
Fiduciary Partners charges around half what the competition generally charges.
Has anyone worked with a trust setup with a corporate trustee in this fashion?
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