Corporate blunder

is there anyway to reset the POS retail price to what is was before a
download from the master?
we have 40 stores that control there prices apart from the corporate database,
corporate accidently launched a worksheet incorrectly and it set about 4000
items at all the stores retail price to the corporate master, is there a roll
back at the store level, or a log to find out what items were changed and
from what to what?, or better yet change them back?
RMS v2
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hi, in HQ there is table called ItemDynamics which has the snapshot for the last prices: SnapshotPrice,SnapShotPriceA...C
I belive and think this will help you , do you know how to export the table or may be you can export the table to text file and import the price back to HQ and upate all the stores. If need any help in this regards let me know , I am for you to help you out.
Akber Alwani
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Akber Alwani
hi Yes it has storeID as columns so you can restrict by store ID: below are the fields available: ID ItemID StoreID TaxID Quantity QuantityCommitted ReorderPoint RestockLevel LastReceived LastSold SnapShotQuantity SnapShotQuantityCommitted DeltaQuantity DeltaQuantityCommitted SnapShotTime DBTimeStamp SnapShotPrice SnapShotPriceA SnapShotPriceB SnapShotPriceC SnapShotSalePrice SnapShotSaleStartDate SnapShotSaleEndDate SnapShotCost SnapShotLastCost SnapShotReplacementCost SnapShotPriceLowerBound SnapShotPriceUpperBound SnapShotReorderPoint SnapShotRestockLevel SnapShotTaxID
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Akber Alwani

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