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Thermal Printer not cutting after document but does after page
Hello, Came across this forum and thought you guys might be able to help. We purchased some "HOP-E801" thermal printers to print receipts with our sage system, however, when we print two pages with...
3 years ago
Do you worry about Amazon and other competition? - answers inside
We work with independent retailers every day. We know that some of you are worried about Amazon and online competition. You're worried about competing against larger competitors. There is an answer....
3 years ago 1
Change Quickbooks path in Store Manager
Hi, I need to change the path in Store Manager for QuickBooks since we moved th e company file to a network drive but am not able too. Anyone know how to a ctually be able to edit this as it is greyed...
3 years ago
Question re: coupons
We have a customer who has been doing coupons as a tender type but recently realized that this is not the correct way to do it for tax reasons. Example: if a customer buys an item that is $100 and...
3 years ago
Printing issues Quicksell 2000 Win98 Cognitive Blaster Advantage
I need some experienced guidance on getting labels to print to my Blaster Advantage (barcode label printer) I updated Win 95 to Win 98 and I don't have the financial resources to power-move to RMS at...
3 years ago
Mix and Match Discount
Hi, One of our clients want to apply a mix and match discount. They want the first 2 items to have a discount and when they add a third item to the transaction, it should have the original price. For...
4 years ago
RMS 2.0 customization guide
i need the customization guide for the RMS 2.0 cause i need to create new hooks for this POS
4 years ago
Sale Rep issue
we use version 2.0.2000 How do you set or change a sale rep to an existing Global customer ? On HQ manager we dont have the option of setting up the or modifying sale rep
4 years ago
Question regarding re-attaching databases
We tried to backup a database for RMS by going through Management Studio, d etaching the database, copying out the mdf and ldf files and reattaching. P roblem is, whenever we tries to reattach, no...
4 years ago
Server Busy dialog( Switch to\ Retry)
Needing help in pointing what could be the root cause of Server Busy dialog in RMS POS application. This dialog has 2 buttons; Switch to and Retry. none of the buttons works and the application hangs...
5 years ago
Price Change Log
I need another copy of the trigger for the Price Change Log. I seem to have misplaced make available, would really appreciate it.
5 years ago
Retail store database
I am developing a groccery store application, a sample database would be a great help, reply to , thank you !!
5 years ago
NChannel Review: Please provide honest feedback.
Hello, Beware of Nchannel, and make sure your software actually works before you pay anything! Get a Free Trial first! There's a lot of problems when syncing, from product information and to simple...
5 years ago
Get the last item added to RMS POS transaction Screen
I am creating an RMS Plugin to set the quantity of the last item added by the cashier through add item. The plugin works perfect but fails when the cashier enter a wrong itemlookupcode, this causes...
6 years ago
Need information on Hypercom L4250 signature capture
I have 5 Hypercom L4250 units. They are being used for signature capture with my Point of Sale Invoice program. They capture signature and print on my invoices. On December 7, 2014 the units internal...
6 years ago