Can I get my CPA if I have BA in government and a Masters in Accounting?

I have my Bachelors in Government Relations and have been looking into going for my Masters in Accounting. Ultimately I want to get my CPA but haven't quite figured out if the Masters accounting classes would count towards the education since the websites were discussing bachelors in accounting. Even the school stated to look into specific state requirements but since each state I looked into made reference to Bachelors degrees and then just said follow on requirements reaching 150 credit hours. The Masters degree has 36 credit hours with 27 in accounting and 9 in management. I'd just hate to go down this route if just because my bachelors isn't in accounting that I am ineligible to take the CPA exam. If I am ineligible then I may just consider getting my MBA instead. Any advice helps...thanks.
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In New York, any Bachelors not nessasarily in accounting , no MBA required, a certain amount of (qualified) auditing, the CPA exam and a fee. Also some states require an ethic exam. You need to speak to ask an accounting teacher at you school. This is a very common question and they got a lot of info on this.
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