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It's one thing to work for some closely to where you can call up and say, "hey that invoice I sent few minutes ago had a typo; I will send you a new one."
But I am working with someone who changes invoice amounts after they are already in the recipient's system: She will change the amount and resend it a day or two later, and keep the same invoice number.
The customer deals with it, but if referring to GAAP, is that cool? I'm far from an accountant but I think one should send either a credit memo (if it's less) or a new invoice with a new number and only the difference (if it's more).
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Timothe Murray
Timothe Murray Wrote in message:
Technically, there is nothing wrong with this, so your boss may be reluctant to address. Personally, I would loose it. The credit/debit memo idea is correct. Here is the ugly truth, either the system for billing is no good (perhaps you need to use sales orders?) or the person generating the invoice is making serious mistakes. (you might try monthly statements to your customers?) Either way the fact that this is not a priority tells me your company is not concerned with customer not paying, or even going to someone else because they believe you are not billing them correctly. you may have to wait for disaster to stike - you MUST ABSOLUTELY say you found the solution on your own time! Explain the flaw in the billing system that could possibly cause whoever is doing the billing, to make co$tly mistake$ [remember-its not his/her fault and this person did what they were supposed to - ESSENTIAL] give options for a solution, explain how they could loose money, or clients, definitely explain this is making you/whoever to spend more time on A|R, make sure they think you are actually defending the person [who is screwing up] . This respond is too wordy so .....Lastly GAAP\GAAS concerns itself with properly recording revenue, and making sure its recorded in the proper period. Corrections can be made in future periods but there are a lot of stipulations. Your boss will use this concept to "shoot you down" so your gonna need a "REAL" accountant to explain. Good luck my friend...
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