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Describe the differences between an S-Corporation and a partnership.
What is the signficant difference between organizing an S-Corporation over a partnership. Does S-Corp have to have at least two members, what other key attributes should be considered? "grs" wrote...
6 years ago 5
help pls: fractional reserve loan: balance sheet & money supply step by step
For each step please list the relevant accounting status for the bank, the lendee, and the impact on the money supply in the economy, given: Your bank has 10% reserve requirement. There is no penalty...
6 years ago 1
Can anyone help me? I don't know if I have to put an adjustment entry for this.
These are all the adjustments needed: Additional Information: a. Merchandise inventory, Dec.31 - 200,000 b. Inventory of office supplies as of Dec. 31 - 2000 c. Accrued Salaries as of Dec. 31 - 9000...
7 years ago 1
Any free CMA study materials?
Hi everyone, I'm a IMA registered member and am hoping to take the CMA exam next year. I've looked at the price for some of the official study guides which run in the hundreds. I was wondering if...
7 years ago
what's the best way to write off expenses (newsletters) for personal trading
i do stock trading for my own personal investment ... and would like to know the best way (e.g.. LLC) to write off the many expenses of doing this (e.g.. newsletters, services, computers, business...
7 years ago
restaurant pos for quick service
Restaurant quick service through POS to help restaurants operate smoothly. POSqx offers POS software as a service and for using it what we only need is a Touch screen POS and an Internet connection....
7 years ago
Accounting and Manufacturing Software
BS1 Enterprise Accounting with Manufacturing is a multi-currency manufacturing, distribution and accounting system: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Purchase Orders,...
7 years ago
Application of customer payments against Invoices
Please assist in confirmation of GAAP - If a customer has multiple open invoices of varying age, makes a payment, references an invoice number on the check - is payment applied: - To oldest invoice -...
7 years ago 1
A Puzzle: Separating a Cost Increase into Price and Quantity variances/pieces
I realize this is probably a simple problem for most of you, but let's say that the price of a product you purchase increases from, say: --$5 in Year 1 to $10 in Year 2, for a $5 increase in price--...
7 years ago
Restaurant POS software
Restaurant quick service through POS to help restaurants operate smoothly. POSqx offers POS software as a service and for using it what we only need is a Touch screen POS and an Internet
7 years ago
Do You Pay Too Much Taxes ---- --Proven FREE tips on Lowering your Tax Burden
7 years ago
Discipline an independent contractor
Hi, How do I discipline an independent contractor who is doing work for me? I currently have an independent contractor who allegedly asked someone for marijuana while working for me. I did not witness...
7 years ago 1
Cost of Sales when leasing your product
Let's say you're in a job costing type of environment where you lease particular structures or devices that you build to companies over so many years. Let's say that the initial lease is for 10 years....
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report and the concept of finance
:-) Before evaluating report, I think that we could try to take into account the optimization of the finance efficiently as well as the concept of loan with great confidence as well as the concept of...
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Quickbooks hosted on server share challenges
We've moved our enterprise files to a server share from a workstation that was hosting the files. I've installed the QB Server manager on the server hosting the files and have pointed this computer...
8 years ago