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Prior Retained Earnings on Balance Sheet?
I'm in the process of setting up a new computer system for a customer. They list all the prior retained earnings, year by year, on their balance sheet, all the way back from 1993. The owner likes ...
14 years ago 3
Accounts Payable Clearing
Hi, I am working with an accounting software and I see that there is an account, Accounts payable clearing, that keeps on increasing, and have no clue what it represents...will appreciate anyone wi...
14 years ago 3
Need spreadsheet(s)
Please try to direct followups to Hi: I'm trying to restart my contract/consulting biz and every time I get close to having the money to get on with it, something sets me back. ...
14 years ago
Senior Project Accountant, Atlanta, GA to $65K
Senior Project Accountant, to $65K Dynamic engineering firm in North Atlanta has need for individual with strong job cost/project accounting background. Advanced excel skills as well as strong commu...
14 years ago
Data sets for learning available.
Hello, I am trying to teach myself accounting. I have a good textbook (name skips me at this moment). I am wondering, are their good datasets available (basically, journal entires) that would really ...
14 years ago
Job Proposals
Anyone have a good general job proposal for clients? I'm too damn busy as it is this month, and of course someone new shows up on the doorstep asking me 100 questions about what we'll do and for ...
14 years ago 3
Housing Allowance - Church Accounting
Our church, a small Baptist Church in NC, has hired an ordained minister for the position of part-time children's minister with an annual compensation of $ 6000. I feel confident that at least a p...
14 years ago 2
high average home prices in CA
House prices in southern california are rediculously high. Average 3 bed 2 bath house which used to cost two hundred thousand 3 years ago now costs five hundred thousand. My friend purchased hi...
14 years ago 2
Dept Of FL & Out Of State Sales Tax
My company just recieved a letter asking us to do a voluntary self audit on any items shipped here out of state to see how much sales tax we owe the state for the last five years. QUESTION: Is t...
14 years ago 2
CPA exam question
What are the requirements to take the CPA exam? What consists of CPA exam? I heard it consist of few parts, can you tell me what they are? Thanks in advance.
14 years ago 4
possible consulting work - extracting accounting data
hello - i'm working on a project that works with accounting data. i may be looking for some subcontracting help on getting the data out of existing systems like peachtree, quickbooks, etc. and ...
14 years ago
OT - Accountancy Music
Hi We are currently compiling a list (hopefully a top ten) of accountancy related songs and wonder if anyone knows of any in addition to the ones we have listed below. We currently have mp3s for...
14 years ago 8
#1 Real Estate Opportunity
Get in on the Ground-Floor Of this Rapidly growing and well-hidden market, with 15% of all homeowners in America who are currently delinquent on their house payments. Foreclosure/Loss Mitigation Con...
14 years ago
Partner withdrawl ?
Hi, My business is a partnership and is involved in retail sales of products. My partner has used some of the products for demonstration purposes. How do I record this in the Journal ? In general...
14 years ago 1
wow...deferred income taxes...
any of you have trouble with this when studying for the CPA? I AM!! hah tough stuff.
14 years ago