Freelance Ms.Excel / Ms.Access VBA Programmer

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am pleased to offer my services as Freelance Ms.Excel / Ms.Access VBA Programmer.
Why Need Excel Consulting And Data Mining Services?
Are you faced with any of these challenges?
Need to create Financial / Analytical Reports dynamically from complex processes and different data-sources. Need to create Excel based Dashboards. Need to modify existing Excel Application or macro modification. Need to create / Modify existing Add-in. The need to create an Excel macro to do a major task? A repetitious job in Excel that takes hours or days to do manually? Being asked to create an Excel macro to solve a major need? The need to convert raw data into useful Excel format? The need to create an Excel macro for use by many people in your company? A tight deadline? Limited capabilities of your organizational ERP/Customize software to generate some report you required?
If YES, I can help you! I can:
Perform with quality tasks ranging from the simple to the difficult. Suggest improvements and enhancements. Do so for small and large jobs. Do so at a reasonable cost. Deliver the macro quickly and on time
Services include but are not limited to:
Database Programming Report Automation | Reporting Data Manipulation and Conversion Data Audit Excel VBA Programming Data Cleansing Data Mining and Forecasting Data Integration Financial Modeling Query Calculator and Tools Customized Excel Functions Spreadsheet and Database Design
If my skills and experience match with those your organization is looking for, I will be happy to look forward for a challenging project.
Thanking you
Regards Ahmed (Freelance Ms.Excel / Access VBA Programmer)
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