Personal credit card amortization schedule

I once reeived an e-mail detailing the impact of small to minimal payments on credit card debt. It showed the total cost over some years. If anyone has a copy of such a document - please post it here or provide a link.
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You could also use annuity formulas to compute it for your own debt.
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"Rocinante" wrote
Any loan amortization schedule program would be good too.
The variables of debt balance, interest rates, payment amounts, and new charges will impact the amount of interest paid by any one card holder.
Paul A. Thomas, CPA
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Paul Thomas, CPA
I have looked at some regular amort tables, but they are all driven by a fixed number of years to pay off a fixed debt.
I want something to show the effect of paying a small monthly amount to emphacize the danger of only paying mimimum amounts for a long time.Of course it's important to realize that this debt may never get paid.
One application would be to illustrate the damage incurred by accepting a big student load and not ever be able to pay it off.
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