The Net Debt of Nations

Where can I find info on the net debt of the different countries in the world? As an example of how this is a more fair and accurate gauge net debt is over gross debt, let's use an example: Japan has a gross debt of 180% to GDP. However, a *LOT* of this money is from the acquisition of banks. These banks and other industries that the Japanese government bought out has an intrinsic value. Therefore, when we subtract the intrinsic values of these holdings from gross debt, we get the net debt. The net debt of Japan to GDP is more like 85% according to the Economist.
As an analogy for a corporate takeover. The Enterprise Value of a company is = All Stocks + All Bonds - All Cash.
The Net Debt of Nations
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2.7182818284590... wrote
Do you meant total debt, consumer debt and business debt and govt debt ?
Thats a much more tricky figure, because it depends on what you value the banks at in this example.
Thats nothing like the nett debt of that company.
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Rod Speed
On Jul 29, 10:08 pm, "2.7182818284590..." wrote:
if you believe all these stats, the number looks better than it is. the published econ data is a guess, has few intrinsic value.
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On Jul 30, 6:08 am, "2.7182818284590..." wrote:
all gdp, inflation, debt and value of currencies are fake... so there's no way you can get a real picture of anything.
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