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journal entry to transfer share premium from company to another
There are 2 companies, one is the holding "H" and the subsidiary "A". There is a share premium in "A" arised from the issues of shares,"H" is now going to be listed and incurred some legal and related...
12 years ago 1
A business failure question
My wife is starting a business with a friend of hers. Both us and her friend and friend's husband, own homes. However, since we are in Texas, the homes are in our combined names, i.e, our home is in m...
12 years ago 7
Closing a 529 account
I have been contributing to two 529 accounts, one for my niece and one for my nephew. There is about $32,000 in each account. As it turns out, my niece and nephew are not going to need this money, and...
12 years ago 2
BA Degree in Accounting Online
BA Degree in Accounting Online BA in accounting, online. Take your first step toward becoming a CPA at Keiser College eCampus. Contact our counselors today.
12 years ago
CK-ERP (Open Source ERP / CRM / MRP) v.0.25.1 released
Hi, folks, I have posted a new release, v.0.25.1, of CK-ERP, at , . New features include, five new templates, fy2t - for use by factory-like businesses operating within a dual (Canadian) tax environme...
12 years ago
account reconciliations
Does anyone know where I can find tools for the account reconciliation process? I'm looking for a good book, stand alone software or excel templates. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe learn h...
12 years ago 4
Help needed on Advance accounting question
If there is a query in there I didn't see it.
12 years ago 1
"Captive REITs" avoid State Taxes
12 years ago
[IFRS] List - The online Community about IFRS/IAS and Auditing
Hi there, IASB is working on IFRS for SME (Small and Medium Enterprices). to share ideas, experiences and doubts about international financial reporting standards. [IFRS] List - the online community a...
12 years ago
'Downsize' Quickbooks Pro
Does anyone know if it's possible to go from a networked version of QuickBooks to a single user version? We had two people using the system, but we're down to only one needing access, and the next tim...
12 years ago
Accounting Manager - Washington DC
12 years ago
ACCPAC PLUS for DOS finance charges on statements
I work with AccPac Plus for DOS and would like to print statements for selected customers that include finance charges. I wonder if there's an easy way to do this. Any help is appreciated.
12 years ago
Help on audit principles
Hi all, once again on this matter: I wold like to know which are the differences and the meanings of the following 3 auditing rules: 1) Auditing Standards - edited by AICPA 2) Internationa Standard on...
12 years ago
Credit Card Bills Got You Down - Look Inside Now
In Debt? Want Out? Are you in DEBT and don't know how to get out?then check some of these out today!!!!before it's too late. GOTO: "Become 100% Debt Free in 3 to 5 Years GUARANTEED!" GOTO: Do You Have...
12 years ago
Foundation setup and management question
I am an accountant in Canada working various non-profits. I would eventuall want to focus on setting up and managing foundations for non- profits and charities. What qualifications or designations wou...
12 years ago