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mas90 install for newbie
Hello I have never install mas90 but I have experience with mas500. I dont think my mas90 is using sql just a simple shared folder in the server. I am using version 4. Can anyone tell me how to set it...
13 years ago
buying accounting software on ebay.
Whatever you do, don't buy accounting software from ebay, if it has been used, then you cannot transfer it to your name. I bought peachtree off e-bay, and the person that sold it to me had already reg...
13 years ago
Big 4 accounting firm and an accountant and/or CPA?
How important is it to get into and work for one of the big 4 accounting firm and my career as an accountant or a CPA? wrote Depends on what you want to do. There are many small practitioners who neve...
13 years ago 1
Part time Accountants for book keeping and Reconciliations
I am a Chartered Acountant in India providing various services to my clients like book keeping, tax returns preparations, internal audit, etc. We have a small team of professional who are committed fo...
13 years ago
New Release of TurboCASH !
13 years ago
Mortgage Planning
13 years ago
Journals in Accounting, Finance and OR for Research
For those interested in accounting research journals I have overhauled the list "Journals in Accounting, Finance and OR for Research" available at All the best, Timo
13 years ago
GL Accountant for Bay Area Start-up
13 years ago
We just acquired an entity and we utilize different accounting software than one of the entities within the acquired company. The software that they utilize is MAS90. This company is not a bank, but t...
13 years ago 3
Small car dealer needs some basis accounting / QuickBooks assistance TIA
I am a small car / motorcycle dealer that occasionally "passes through" vehicle sales so that the legitimate taxes and DMV fees are paid and the vehicle is licensed correctly. I need the forum's help ...
13 years ago 2
Auditing position with a bank
I will soon have an interview for an auditing position with a bank. Does anyone have any suggestions for the interview? "Enda" wrote Dress nice. Answer their questions honestly and openly. In short, b...
13 years ago 2
Opinions on Newviews/Export to other programs
Hi all, I've got someone (a non-profit that runs some low-income housing units) who has been using Newviews for DOS for years and they are about to purchase an upgrade to the Windows version. I'm not ...
13 years ago 1
Chart of Accounts Laundromat
Looking for a sample Chart of Accounts for a coin operated Laundromat. Anyone able to help? Thanks Mike
13 years ago
Looking for Business Bank With Zero Balance Accounts, Low Fees, Online Banking
I am looking for a new business bank for a small business in the San Francisco Bay Area of California that has the following features: - support for zero balance account (ZBA) structures - low monthly...
13 years ago
Price of XOM Stocks one year from now based on option pricing...
According to my model below, which bases future price movements of a stock based on today's an option's TRUE COST, it's volume, the weighted price of XOM should be: $72.54267884 on/around January , th...
13 years ago 4