401K Withdrawal (checkwriting) fees

I received a letter from my 401K that they would now be charging $6.00 check writing fee for any payment from the plan. Off hand I do not know how often most people with draw from a 401K after retirement, but I realize if withdrawing monthly this would amount to $72.00 per year.
Is this fee typical of most 401K plans or IRAs?
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My Schwab IRA has no such fee. If you are 59-1/2 or older, I'd suggest that you rollover some or all of the 401(k) to an IRA.
A 401(k) has a mandatory 20% withholding. Which for those who are nowhere near that amount for their average rate is just a loan to Uncle Sam. An IRA withdrawal permits you to fine tune the federal and state withholding, if any, so you're withdrawing just what you need.
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Perhaps that's for using paper checks, and it's free if you do some kind of electronic transfer?
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Tad Borek

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