Ally Bank CD - 1yr vs 5yr (w/penalty)

As the first CD is coming due in June,
was wondering about a comment that I read.
Instead of going with the 1yr @ 1.0%,
go with the 5yr @ 1.74%
and forfeit the 60day penalty interest
if we need to withdraw for investing in other high yield funds...
Does this make sense ?
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Actually, given today's rates, only 2 of Ally's CDs are ever optimal. The rest should all be ignored. If you think you might withdraw your money within 130 days, you should go with the no-penalty (11 month) CD. Otherwise, you should go with the 5-year CD. After 130 days, the additional interest will more than cancel out any early withdrawal penalty.
I drafted a spreadsheet that demonstrates all this. Unfortunately, Google Docs doesn't yet support conditional formatting where the condition is a formula. So if you play with the rates, it won't update the highlighting. But I think it gets the idea across.
formatting link
in a
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Bill Woessner
Tnx for the reply and posting. The CD's are just a way to keep my hands off, and not add to my various stock & mutual fund holdings, along with providing a parking place for cash... It's about $100k -
I had not actually sat and played with the numbers to see if the 5yr made sense - even with a withdrawl to potentially place the funds into a higher return account if and when that might happen.
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