Best tool to see my entire financial picture?

I am still here running Microsoft Money sunset. It no longer automatically imports data from financial institutions.
Any recommendations for tools that do not require a lot of manual entry?
Should I convert to quicken?
It would be nice if I could get a quick picture of my credit union, TD Ameritrade, and Hewitt administered 401K without a lot of manual entry. I don't do a lot of trading, it would not be too difficult for me to enter the number of shares if I could pull in stock price automatically.
Anyone know how to pull a stock price into an excel sheet?
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Have you looked at Yahoo Finance at
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?? You create a portfolio under "My Portfolios", enter symbol and qty, then it tracks prices daily. No personal info needed. Password protected. I've used it for years for just a basic portfolio of 6 funds and 1 stock.
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Upgrade back to the old version of Excel, and use the msnstockquote() function!
This NG seems as good a place as any to ask: has anyone recreated something like that in Vbasic for newer versions of Excel?
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Tad Borek
Probably. I don't think MS Money is going to be around for much longer. A copy of quicken lasts 3 years, so it's only about $12 per year. Or you could try It's free but doesn't have anywhere near the features that Quicken does.
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Bill Woessner

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