Any funds tied to US GDP growth?

Is there any index fund that is tied to the US GDP growth? It seems to
me that most index funds basically consist of stocks and bonds. But
are there any index funds that also invest in real estate,
international, etc.
Basically what I'm looking for is a fund more diversified than just
stocks and bonds. I already have significant cash invested in index
funds like Fidelity Spartan and and in Vanguard ones. But every few
months I have around $10,000 saved up to have to invest somewhere. And
now I'm getting a bit worried about just keep putting the money in the
same few index funds.
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Homer Simpson
Tons, but fewer fancy alternative style mutual funds than before. I guess volatility has burned folks who experienced delays/penalties to bail out of mutual funds and they are being shut down in favor of more easily tradeable ETF's. But etfs aren't as much into alternate investment styles as the old mutual funds were.
Here are some places to start searching - do a lot of clicks on column headers and such. One problem with assets is that they are behaving more and more alike. This has been attributed to both the public and hedgefunds using easy index vehicles which do not discriminate between the stocks or whatever are contained within. Maybe a good time to do less indexing?
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Expansion may be necessary to meet new competitive demands as well as to open new markets for a company. Expansion may also result from high profits a company is making, which provide the capital base for increasing the size of the business.
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