Bonds - VBMFX vs VWESX

I currently have Bond money split between VBMFX and VWESX.
It appears that the LT Corp has done better for me
compared to the overall Bond Index with respect to that past several years.
Looking at the 5yr - the Index did better as a safety net.
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but after the major dip, the LT Corp did better.
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and the TIPS were kinda in the middle...
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Looking to add more money to these funds,
and currently leaning more toward the VWESX... thoughts ?
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i have too primitive internet access now to pontificate, but suggest you might consider the coming pimco (bond king) etf offerings. a newsletter you introduced to this group (see etftrends?) a few days ago practically predicted the end of actively managed mutual funds due to the best-of-both worlds way pimco is implementing these
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