Can an adult who has a Bachelor's degree but who is going back to
school to get a teaching certificate (because he can't get a job with
a Bachelor's in Marketing) apply for FAFSA? This person is currently
on unemployment but will be working part-time while going to school
(after unemployment runs out). He is past age 26. Currently living
with us, his parents.
I do know that application needs to be made way in advance & that it
will not help for THIS school year, but may for 2012/13. I tried
emailing & calling FAFSA but all I get are generic replies without
addressing my specific question.
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thanks for resending this
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FAFSA does have a website and if I weren't so lazy I'd read it, but my guess is that it won't hurt to try. There are probably means tests that influence results. You might try a more generic question if you want to try calling them again. perhaps something like Q: Are there age restrictions? My guess is that the program is designed to make a degree available to those who do not already have one.
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The FAFSA scoring is based on your ability to pay for college... You fill out the online form with all your financial data - sorta like applying for a loan - and then submit it... It will then in turn be sent to any schools you define on the FAFSA. It's then up to the school to toss you into their pool, and see what happens.
We have submitted each year for our son, but alas, we must make too much, since we never qual for anything.
Since the online form is just a conduit for normalizing the financial data to the schools, you need to fill it out as soon as you know what schools you will be applying for. At this point in time - it would be Jan 1, 2012 - for the FALL 2012 enrollment.
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I already know the ins and outs of applying since we've done it twice before when our kids started college the first time. All I want to find out is if one can apply for FAFSA if one already has a degree & if there an age limit. Two questions that I cannot get answered by phone or email. And, yes, I have read the website thoroughly. There is no use spending time filling out all the forms if son is not eligible. Thanks for replying to my query. SandyB
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Per the sites below, yes but for a second bachelor's less aid will be offered. If he can somehow turn this into a masters, more aid is possible.
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formatting link
Google on {FAFSA "first bachelor's" eligibility} for similar citations.
I see none anywhere.
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in doing some quick online searches...
#1 - the consensus appears to be NO age limit. #2 - the consensus is OK for another degree
also - if over 25, it's better, since it appears that is the age for including parents income or not.
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