(L.T. Invest) U.S. Offices Price USD/SF

Found out a great opportunity :
261 Office Lofts Miami, FL Best location, court order sale. Have to be sold by the end of the month.
Status:          Active
Price:              $6,500,000 Bldg. Size:          40,000 SF Cap Rate:          10.50% Property Type:          Office Building
This property offers a 10.50% EBITDA.
1) diversified risk with 261 small companies 2) Price per SF USD 162.50 3) Market value of best location in Miami FL : SF USD 450
Problem : Many office value in the U.S. (light construction) tends to be equal to 0 after 40-50 years.
great building value (NYC, Boston, SF, London, Paris, Roma) tends to grow centuries and centuries after construction. e.g. http://www.flickr.com/photos/deemaah/251438056 /
I cannot solve this key point. Do you have to present in your Financial Plan an Amortization to include a 0 value after 40-50 years ?
.... ....
Other interesting Opportunities :
Social Security Administration Miami, OK
We are pleased to announce for sale a 5,806 SF office building that is 100% leased to U.S. Social Security Administration. This asset is located in...
Status:          Active Price:              $917,000 Bldg. Size:          5,067 SF Cap Rate:          8.20% Property Type:          Office Building
Bank of America Building Miami, FL
Below Market Rents The lease Comp survey in Section 5 shows that the Leases in this building are at least $5 below Market and can be raised as soon...
Status:          Active Price:              $4,900,000 Bldg. Size:          31,716 SF Cap Rate:          8.00% Property Type:          Office Building
Kennedy Plaza Miami, FL
This is a four story 38,000 SF office building with approximately 117 parking spaces. The current tenant mix consists of small businesses with short...
Status:          Active Price:              $4,700,000 Bldg. Size:          37,564 SF Cap Rate:          7.00% Property Type:          Office Building
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