Boston Accounting Career Fair at the Hyatt

Special Events
MSCPA Public Accounting Fair
Dates: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - Tuesday, May 16, 2006
3:30pm - 5:30pm
Attend the MSCPA Public Accounting Career Fair on Tuesday, May 16 at
the Hyatt Regency Boston. Meet representatives from public accounting
firms across the Commonwealth and select sponsors.
Firms Attending the Fair
(Additional firms will be added)
Alexander Aronson and Finning, Westborough
Braver, PC, Newton
Brown & Brown LLP, Boston
DiCicco, Gulman & Company LLP, Woburn
Feeley & Driscoll, PC, Boston
Friedman Suvalle & Salomon PC, Newton
Gosule, Butkus & Jesson, LLP, Milton
Lefkowitz, Garfinkel, Champi & DeRienzo PC, Providence
Levine Katz Nannis & Solomon PC, Needham
Melanson Heath and Co. PC, Andover
Parent McLaughlin & Nangle, Boston
Powers & Sullivan CPAs, Wakefield
GT Reilly & Company, Milton
Wolf & Company, PC, Boston
Company Profile; Feeley and Driscoll docsavage80
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Feeley and Driscoll provides services to more than 100 not-for-
profits including
health care and human service providers
private foundations
trade associations
charitable organizations
*Ask about different accounting issues for each type of org.
They offer such services as;
OMB A-133 audit and reporting requirements
Look this up
Fund Accounting
Grant Administration and Compliance
Needs Analysis and Regulatory Filing
Arbitrage Accounting
*Look this up
UFR Preparation and Review Procedures
Health Care
Feeley and Driscoll Health Care services Group is one of the largest
regionally based providers of accounting and business advisory
services to the health care industry in New England.
The three major forces in the industry are:
Long-term care providers
Other providers
human services providers
home health providers
community health centers
similar NP service agencies
PWC has a page on the healthcare industry. Peruse it.
Acute and Speciality Hospitals
Human Service Providers
Independent Psychian Group Practices
Ancilliary Service Providers
Visiting Nurse Associations
Professional Services to the Health Care Industry Include:
Revenue Cycle Management Services
Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support
Practice/Business Valuation
OIG Compliance Advisory Services
*Look this up
Arbitrage Rebate Accounting
Feeley and Driscoll also deals with construction
Construction; one deals with
relationships with clients
bonding companies
Why bonding companies?
one must adhere to special tax regulations that apply to the
construction industry
Practice reflects general contractors, specialty trade
subcontractors, building material suppliers, architect and
engineering firms.
Feeley and Driscoll has a construction services group.
F and D also has a Manufacturers and Distributors services group.
As far as training goes, F and D has specialized training and
continous learning, accounting tax and training curricula with an on-
going mentoring and performance feedback programs.
*Ask them to further describe this program
100 hrs of tech training.
Feeley and Driscoll is a charter member and an active participant in
Manusource, a national power network of leading independent
consulting and accounting firms who specialize in serving
manufacturers and wholesale distributors.
F and D has clients such as
Martha's Vineyard Hospital
Consigli Construction Worcester
East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
BBK Healthcare, Inc.
Judith Nitsch Engineering Inc.
Cape Cod Hospital
Shawmut Design
Lasterone Corp
F.H. Perry Builder
Grassroots Action
Triumvirate Environmental
F and D provides assurance and accounting
tax compliance and consulting
strategic and business consulting services
Focus on;
Manufacturers and Distributors
Professional Service Firms
NP Organizations
Ask about busy seaons varying across industries
*also what future specializations does F and D see itself
F and D is a member of Moores Rowland International, an association
of independent accounting firms.
F and D Career Track
Audit/Consulting Track
Work in a variety of industries while developing an industry or
service niche.
*Sounds fair
Or you may choose to specialize earlier in our Healthcare Audit
Group where you will work on a variety of engagements in the
healthcare industry.
Any other Audit Groups? Construction?
Tax/Consulting Track
*Specialize in taxation while working in a variety of industries
and developing an industry or service niche.
Healthcare seems an especially prominennt industry for F and
Formal Classroom and hands-on training.
*CPE Smartforce?
For technical positions, they provide 100+ CPE hours through
internal and external training.
Staff-level, technical, industry-specific software
*What sort of software? Varies across industries, perhaps?
F and D growing. 100th largest US firm per Bowman's Accounting
Experience a variety of industires-then choose a specialty.
Performance Evaluation After Each Assignment
Annual performance Review
360 degree evaluations
What does that term mean?
Parent, McLaughlin and Nangle docsavage80
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PMN is located in Boston's Finacial District, with branches in
Raynham and Salem.
Tradition balanced with innovation.
Professional skepticism balanced with client advocacy.
Team Philosophy
Minimal Bureacracy
Innovative Personnel Policies
*Migh as well ask about this; what sort of personnel
PMN has an office in Souteastern Mass that operates as "full
service" due to growth in that region. Raynham very roughly around
PMN focuses on core competencies.
Auditing and Accounting
Information Technology/Computer Consulting
Business Consulting
Business Valuations
Four Main Industries Seved
Non-Profit Organizations
*What types?
Community Banks
Manufacturing and Distributors
Technology Based Business
Less bureaucratic constraints compared with a very large firm.
Interesting Assortment of clients such as
financial institutions,
and invesment companies.
Ask about Patriot Act for investment companies.
Manufacturing and Distribution
Musicians and Artists
Government and Public Sector
Services offered
Accounting and Auditing
Tax and Financial Planning
Business Valuations
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
*An interesting point to speak about
Sales Tax Services
Internation Taxation
Accounting Software Selection and Implementation
Consulting Services
I imagine Sarbox has affected that, as well as tax work.
Fraud prevention and detection
Investment Review
Internet Commerces
as well as professional affiliations.
Long history with technology companies such as EMC Data Storage
Targeted services for technology companies
Preparation of financial statements and tax returns
Assistance in accessing critical business information
Tax planning
Strategic and tactical business planning
Services in general
Auditing and Consulting
Attest and related services
Implementation of Financial Accounting Standards
Focus reports for brokers/dealers
AIMR performance measure audits
*Ask what AIMR refers to
Special Analyses
Which of your industries do you find the most highly regulated?
Has an AICPA Private Companies Practice Section.
Training in IT Technology
For Non-Profit clients provides
review of internal procedures
efficiency and control
Budgeting and future capital needs
I remember reading something about Christian children's funds
Offers audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements
*When would a staff member work on which?
Wolf and Company P.C. docsavage80
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Wolf has formal alliances with over 100 of the top regional
accounting firms in the U.S. and internationally.
-Have larger firms been pushing business down to smaller
They say the provide their clients with a customized engagements
team that includes at least two members from their management group.
Accounting, Auditing, Business Consulting
Audits of financial statements
Reivew of internal accounting controls
Sarbox again?
Business Valuations
Mergers and Acquistions Due Diligence
SEC Financial Reporting
*So they have stock listed clients.
Profit Planning
Assistance in Preparing Financial Forecasts
Private Letter rulings
IT Risk Assessment
Network Security Review
Safeguarding Customer Information
Incident Response Plan
USA Patriot Act Review
Patriot Act Review; ask about that and article in Humanist
Compliance Management System Implementation
Compliance Training Programs
Wolf part 2 docsavage80
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Internal Audit-Lending, Branches, Non-Deposit Investment Products
Industries Served
Wolf has one of the largest Financial Instiutions Practice in the
New England.
Professional Services
Wholesale Distribution
Firm is qualified to practice before the SEC; therefore, the firm
audits the financial statements of public companies.
Wolf has also assisted a number of clients with all aspects of their
initial public offerings.
We provide our clients with a customized engagement team that
includes at least two members from our management group.
Services offered include;
Audits of Financial Statements
Review of internal accounting controls
Business Valuations
Mergers and Acquistions Due Diligence
SEC Financial Reporting
Profit Planning
Assist in preparing financial forecasts
Review of internal accounting controls
*Another Sarbox relevant part
Incident Response Plan
Best of both worlds;
resources and client base of a large firm; in the atmosphere of a
smaller firm.
Wolf's mentoring program:
Performance Evalutions
Evaluated after every assignment both verbally and in writing;
written evaluations are designed to hightlight performance strengths
as well as areas for development.
Assigned a career counselor to assist in one's development in a
formal environment.
Brown and Brown docsavage80
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highest quality people
80+ employees
provides auditing, tax, and consulting services to clients of all
sizes and diverse assortment of industries
provide a higher level of service and expertise than usual
targets businesses in flux; start-up, merger, acquistions,
disposition, succession
responsive team-oriented approach
*provides a breadth of services
Team Focus/Personal Attention Balance
Different experience than working with other accounting firms
*Ask about size of teams
Types of clients
securities broker/dealer
professional service firms
health care
high technology
construction companies
select not-for-profit organizations
*How chosen?
Audit and Accounting Services
SEC Financial Reporting
How has Sarbox impacted things?
Management letters
Periodic Reports
*Ask about this
Agreed-upon procedures
Internal audit
Sarbox shows up
Review of Internal Accounting Controls
DOL Limited Scope pension audits
Outsourced Accounting Services
(What types of clients tend to go for which types of
Member of GMN international
Kathleen M. Donnelly, Auidt Manager, training programs for internal
technical seminars.
GT Reilly docsavage80
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GT Reilly is a member of Moore Stephens International Limited, a
network of over 259 independent accounting and consulting firms.
A Professional Career
We are a highly regarded 45+ year-old innovative, growing regional
accounting firm committed to delivering quality accounting, tax, and
business consulting services to a diversified clientele.
G.T. Reilly & Company firmly believes that the size, structure,
attitudes and philosophies of a firm of our size creates the kind of
environment best suited to enabling you to reach your carrer goals.
Job Opportunities - Public Accounting Professionals
Staff Accountant - Audit and Accounting Department
Positions are available for professionals with 0-2 years of
accounting and auditing experience. Individuals at this level
normally have a college degree with a major in accounting or other
related business field. Staff accountants are expected to:
(1) Become familiar with the firm's policies and procedures.
(2) Know the rules, regulations, and code of professional conduct of
the AICPA.
(3) Progress professionally by working toward passing the CPA Exam
as soon as possible.
(4) Become familiar with pronouncements of the FASB, AICPA, and when
assigned to governmental engagements, the GAO and GASB.
(5) Prepare financial statements.
(6) Obtain exposure to the types of financial statement engagements
offered by the firm.
Senior Accountant - Audit and Accounting Department
Individuals at this level normally have a minimum of 1-2 years'
experience as a semi-senior or equivalent experience as deemed
appropriate by the directors and normally have passed the CPA Exam.
Seniors are expected to:
(1) Know and understand the reason behind the firm's policies and
(2) Possess technical knowledge sufficient to supervise staff
accountants and semi-seniors.
(3) Begin acquiring the skills necessary to develop quality client
(4) Begin to develop a command of GAAP, OCBOA, unique or specialized
accounting principles, and financial statement presentations.
(5) Obtain a thorough understanding of generally accepted auditing
standards and common audit procedures and techniques.
(6) Assume responsibility for efficiently supervising both audit and
nonaudit engagements.
Contact Us
We offer a diversified benefit package and salary commensurate with
Please mail/fax/email resume and salary requirements to:
Director of Personnel
G.T. Reilly & Company
424 Adams Street
Milton, MA 02186-4358
Fax: 617-698-1803
G.T. Reilly & Company and the Reilly Group of Companies
Since 1955, G.T. Reilly & Company has been serving a diversified
clientele with a commitment that has earned us an enviable
In addition to G.T. Reilly & Company, the Reilly group includes
Reilly Consulting Group, Inc., Reilly Financial Advisors, LLC, Moore
Stephens Reilly, PC, and ReillyTech Through this range of related
entities, the firm provides accounting and auditing services,
business consulting, employee benefit planning, business valuations,
litigation support, merger and acquisition expertise, personal and
estate planning, and information technology services.
The Reilly group of companies provides this full range of accounting
and consulting services locally, nationally and internationally.
This group and its expert employees is known for integrity,
confidentiality and thorough professionalism, whether dealing with
individuals, closely-held family businesses, mid-size companies or
large multi-national organizations.
Our Clients
Long-term clients specialize in a variety of disciplines, including:
High Technology
Long Term Care
Media and the Arts
Real Estate
We communicate with clients on a continual basis. The latest
information on important items such as changing tax law and current
business trends is transmitted to our clients in a timely manner via
personal contact, special reports, seminars and our own newsletter,
the Reilly group's Business Advisor.
In Summary
G.T. Reilly and the Reilly group of companies provides a diversified
client base with a wide range of specialized business services.
Throughout these activities, a personalized approach is emphasized--
each client, large or small, benefits from regular one-on-one
meetings with an account manager or director, and continuity of
personnel is always maintained.
Professionals at G.T. Reilly & Company pride themselves on their
ability to find innovative solutions that help clients in both the
short and long term. To maintain this edge, the firm is fully
computerized, affording instant access to a wide range of database
services and assisting in staying abreast of changes and trends in
accounting procedures, the law, and business.
Founded in 1955, this company has a long history of providing
quality services for an expanding list of regional, national and
international clients. Over time, the range of services has been
expanded in response to client needs.
CPA Services
A full range of CPA client services is proved by G.T. Reilly &
Company. These quality services are characterized by a team approach
and knowledge of each clients's business objectives. G.T. Reilly &
Company services include:
Auditing and accounting services
Financial statement audit, review and compilation
Financial planning
Budget, forecast and business plan evaluations
Cash management advice
Performance monitoring and reporting
Tax services
Tax planning
Federal and state law knowledge
Tax change interpretation (statutory, judicial and administrative)
Representation with taxing authorities
Employee benefit planning
Benefit plan design and installation
Administered by Reilly Benefits
Internal auditing processes
Internal audits conducted by professionals
Auditing procedure development
Internal control reviews
Cost-effective internal audit performance
Business Consulting
G.T. Reilly & Company also provides complementary client consulting
services, including:
Accounting and tax strategy advice
Financial system enhancements
Operational process audits
Internal control reviews
Profit enhancement
Potential business process improvements
E-commerce applications and solutions
Merger and acquisition advice
Cost segregation studies
In addition, other specialized consulting services are provided by
Reilly Consulting Group, Inc. and related entities.
Employee Benefit Planning
Employee benefit plans play a significant role in the hiring of top
job candidates, and in securing the goodwill and company loyalty of
current staff.
Reilly Benefits, is proficient in many benefit packages, including
Retirement Plans (qualified and unqualified) and Cafeteria Plans.
Benefit planning expertise includes plan design and installation,
employee education, plan administration, trust accounting,
compliance testing, Internal Revenue filings and consulting.
Following consultation, technically qualified professionals
recommend a benefit package--401(k), profit-sharing, ESOP or Section
125--that is consistent with the client's objectives. Once selected,
the plan is explained to employees and, simultaneously, the process
of installing and administering the plan is begun.
Once in operation, an ongoing dialog with management is maintained
to ensure that all facets of the plan are running smoothly and to
make adjustments when necessary.
Friedman, Suvalle, and Salomon docsavage80
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Friedman, Suvalle & Salomon, P.C.
Client Services:
Accounting; Auditing; Business Consulting; Business Valuation;
Compilation and Review; Compliance Audits; Computer Systems
Consulting; Corporate Tax; Divorce Accounting; Employee Benefits
Plans; Estate and Gift Tax Planning; Financial Services;
Forensic Accounting; Government Accounting & Auditing; Individual
Tax; Internal Control Systems; Litigation Support Services;
Management Advisory Services; Mergers, Acquisitions, Liquidations;
Multi-State Tax Issues; Operational Audits; Personal Financial
Planning; Representation before the IRS & DOR; Small Business
Industry Specializations:
Arts/Entertainment; Biotech; Communications; Condominium/Timeshare
Associations; Construction - contractors and associated services;
Food Service; Franchises; Government Contracting; Health Services;
High Tech Industry; Manufacturing; Not-for- Profit; Professional
Service Providers; Real Estate; Retail/Wholesale; Security and
Commodity Brokers; Service Businesses; Sports/Leisure; Textile &
Apparel; Transportation.
Firm empasizes building strong interpersonal relationships
Firm continually upgrades facilities, computer equipment, and
Firm specializes in closely held businesses, high net worth
individuals, NPO organizations
CPE courses provided, extensive library
Firm is a member of the private company practice section of the AICPA
Firm emphasizes developing the Right Business Strategy; perhaps lean
"We help you restructure your financial statements to reflect
product lines, locations, commonly managed profit centers,
incremental contribution margins for new and mature products,
overhead costs, and cost centers.
*An emphasis on value streams.
Exit strategies suggestions
Audits, reviews, and compilations provided
Creative short and long-term tax planning strategies, prepare tax
returns for high-net-worth individuals, business owners, start-up,
growth-oriented and mature businesses, trusts, and estates.
Has Relia-Tech as an affiliated business.
The firm has a unique culture that seeks a valuable new perspective
from new associates.
Levine, Katz, Nannis, and Solomon docsavage80
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Levine, Katz, Nannis & Solomon, P.C.
Client Services:
Bankruptcy and Work-Out; Budgets; Business Acquisitions and
Dispositions; Business Plans and Valuations; Computer Consultations;
Computer Software Evaluation and Installation; Corporate and
Partnership Formation; Estate Planning; Executive Searches;
Financial Consultation; Forecasts and Projections; Litigation
Support; Loan Requisitions and Reports; Operations and Dissolution;
Strategic Business Planning; Taxation; Tax Planning and Compliance.
Industry Specializations:
Distributors; Engineering and Architecture; Food Service Providers;
Garment Industry; High-tech Computer Software Companies; High-tech
Research and Development; Law Firms; Manufacturing; Medical and
Dental Practices; Non-Profit Organizations; Real Estate Development;
Restaurants; Retailers; Service/Trade Consulting; Start-up
**Law firms. I have not seen too many firms that cater to law
As for real estate development, ask about REITS, Merchant
Building, Malls, Office Space, Vacany Rate
"Not so large that you become a number-or so small that we can't
take on a full range of services-even for our larger clients".
Accounting and Auditing
Estate Planning
Tax Planning and Compliance
Medical Practice Management
Brankruptcy and Work-out
Budgets, Forecasts, and Projections
Financial Consultation
Firm has one of the largest medical CPA practices in New England.-
including sole pracitcioner, group practice hospital, health care
For high technology firms, LKN+S has gained the reputation of "Route
128's accounting firm".
LKNS sponsors both the MIT Enterprise Forum TCN group and the
Monthly Emerging Business Forum together with 128 ventrepeneur
group. Think of the value to you from our targeted contacts. We know
the people that you need to contact.
--Networking in action.
-Nothing on real estate.
Q. What can LKN+S do for me?
A. LKN+S can help take advantage of the constantly changing
financial face of medicine. LKN+S offers these 7 prescriptioins for
a healthy bottom line:
1. structuring the business of medicine
2. controlling costs
3. setting-up & analysis of accounting/computer systems
4. developing practice procedures
5. planning and preparation of taxes
6. accounting and bookkeeping consultation, and
7. personalized problem solving.Q . How does a technology/emerging
business group choose an accounting firm that understands High-tech
A. Simply put, "track record." LKN+S is coming to be known as "Route
128's accounting firm" because we have "been there and done that."
Daily, LKN+S is adding new clients, because we have seen it all and
done it all. Whether you need to:
- set-up your accounting and business systems
- develop a business plan
- obtain capital or bank financing
- structure ISO and stock plans
- set-up compensation plans
- develop the most advantageous tax planning structures, or
-grow your company, we understand your business and can help find
Q. How can an accounting firm know what it's like to walk in our
A. We are in touch with technology and emerging businesses because
we sponsor both the MIT Enterprise Forum TCN Group and the monthly
Emerging Business Forum together with the 128 Venturepreneur Group.
Think of the value to you from our targeted contacts. We know the
people that you need to contact. Our resources are like a bank
account that you can access anytime.Q. Can you name some clients?
A. Our work is confidential; however, here are three examples:
-A six person Internet Start-up recently purchased by Lycos
-A five person Consulting/training firm spun out of a public
company, and
-A fifty person software firm.
Real Estate under construction
Q. Restaurant and food service business are like no other. How can
you help?
A. Our accountants are professionals that know the recipe for your
success. The first ingredient is to provide you with the industry
norms. These tangible figures are integrated into your business plan
and goals. Whether you operate a small cafe, a multi-location
restaurant chain or a large food distribution company, we can
quickly spot the specific areas that you need to address. We provide
consulting services and creative solutions to meet those needs.
Although the food business is an art, to make your profits grow, we
provide the science of numbers. For us, it's as easy as pie.Q. What
have you found to be the biggest mistake that businesses make?
A. We have found that businesses do not plan to fail; they fail to
plan. Without the proper tools, the planning never starts. We have
the tools to show you the 4 ways to grow your business.
Q. How can I manage my business, and at the same time, monitor and
measure it?
A. At LKN+S, we give you Key Performance Indicators that are the
critical elements for successfully managing your company's growth.
Simultaneously, we teach you how to work smarter. You worked hard to
get your company up and running; now, let your company work for
you.Blended Formats Engage all Learners
Grant Thornton, a Chicago company, needed managers to be champions
because they're the ones who will get employees to use the learning.
By Sarah Fister Gale
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