making annuity liquid

I have a Jackson Perspective L Series Fixed & Variable Annuity. I'm age 65. Wanted to annuitize so I can start withdrawing money each year but agent told me annuitizing right now with low interest rates is a bad idea. He suggested another method instead: I take a guaranteed annual withdrawal in the annuitizing amount & invest it into, say, a bond fund (he suggested Templeton Global Bond Fund TPINX). I would have to wait until year 2 to withdraw since I have to leave one withdrawal amount in. In the meantime, I would be earning interest on the bond fund & would not have to annuitize which would fix the withdrawal amount forever. Does this sound like a good idea or are their disadvantages that I cannot see here? Looks like the TPINX has a 4.25% initial sales charge--maybe that's the catch--altho there is a class C TPINX with 1% contingent deferred sales charge.
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