Moderator vacations

Posters to this newsgroup may experience slow posting from July 25 -
August 2.
This is one of those times each year that it pays to be on the "fast
approval" list. For more on that list, see the weekly post "Posting
to", most recently posted last Saturday
(July 19).
As usual, comments on newsgroup policy should be made direct to the
moderators email, not on the newsgroup.
Thank you.
-HW "Skip" Weldon
Columbia, SC
-------------------------------------- is a moderated newsgroup where Moderators strive
to keep the conversations on-topic for financial planning. Other posting
guidelines include a request for brevity and another for trimming posts to
which we respond. For all of the other tips and suggestions, see "FROM THE
MODERATORS: Posting to", a weekly post now on the
Reply to
HW "Skip" Weldon

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